Captain's Log
4 December 2011

Could it get any better than this?

Good Evening Shipmates, As promised I thought I would let the YC have a crack at the log this evening. So here goes.Hi everyone, Annika speaking from Red watch. Quick hello to the family (including extended), Brock, Aaron and James. Just for you Aaron, Tug says hello, and I do believe you guys have been in contact on the facebook. I am glad I was only sea sick for 24 hours, so by day 3 when we were sailing around the Whitsunday islands I had my sea legs. It is funny how when we have been visiting the island’s that the crew are rocking even though we are standing on solid ground. It is hard to believe that day VI is nearly over; the time has absolutely flown, and even though I am missing the family and Brock, I do wish I had more time up here on the sunny QLD coast line. Being from Tasmania I definitely want to enjoy the ocean, sea breeze, and sunshine while I am here. In the 6 days of being on this ship I have definitely become more self aware of my roles and the way I have come to help and support my fellow YC members. This is a skill I am hoping to strengthen over the next few days along with some more navigation.24 hours ago we were travelling down the Whitsunday Coast. The watches have been busy learning Navigation, I personally learnt it during 0400 and 0800 this morning, just after a glorious sunrise; have the photos to prove it. Today the YC discovered the most amazing beach and met a man named Mitch who farms his own honey and lives peacefully on the island with 3 other people, two pet Labrador dogs (Lucy and Bronty), wallabies, kangaroos, peacocks, goats along with other wildlife. The beach is on the Middle island of Percy’s Islands, and is the most glorious spot I have seen all trip. Luckily we didn’t get bitten by sealice today, as we did at Whitehaven two days ago. Once I am home you will see photo’s but we did attempt to make a man pyramid, 5 started on the bottom and we got to the 4th row up when the crew bellow me started quivering and I face planted into the sand below; definitely was one of the highlights.We’re on the home straight and not sure if the YC are ready for the next few days but we will soon find out. Some of the crew are starting to miss their family, friends and loved ones, sharing photos and memorable moments. From what we have done so far, parents and friends would be extremely proud. Our brains are sponges constantly being filled with sailing information and life skills along with the bad dad jokes, wise wisdom from the ���salty sea dog’, and of course Captain Gunna and sail master Joel aka ���Rad core’. This is one adventure I will never forget or regret, and I am extremely privileged to be part of such a strong and vibrant crew.Elyse also from Red watch would like to say hello to her Mum, Dad and James, she misses you very much and loves you all. She’s having a great time and today has definitely been her favourite day, she also hasn’t been sea sick. As a Red watch team, we are extremely proud of our knowledge of the ship in our ���Rope Race Challenges’, and we will be able to explain this in more detail when we are home next week. On a final note our watch leader ���Kim’ is awesome.Captain Gunna back on deck. Thanks Annika and Elyse. Today was just awesome; some really good sailing in the morning in perfect conditions, a few hours ashore on arguably the prettiest beach in Australia, amazing lamb shanks cooked by Adrian and followed up by my favourite movie (with popcorn) in our own open air cinema, ���Around Cape Horn’ by Captain Erving Johnstone. Doesn\’t get much better than this:)Tomorrow we will sail from the anchorage and have another full day at sea before the Command Day elections to be held tomorrow evening. Until then.Captain GunnaCarpe’ diem


21° 39' South / 150° 14' East


Wind SE, 10 kts, Temp 25C