Captain's Log
12 August 2002

Completing the Mission

Situation at 20:00- After the command day elections last night, the Youth Crew took advantage of the time on watch overnight at anchor to fine tune their plan to complete their mission to sail YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to Caloundra. At 08:00, a brief ceremony was held where Captain John passed Command of the Ship to the Youth Crew and command day was officially started. They decided to land the Beach Assault Team (BAT) at Noosa where the prospects of convincing a large contingent of local residents to join in singing the National Anthem was likely. This turned out to be a wise choice because, as a result of some imaginative use of the available resources, they managed to gather together a total of 145 people. This was a very impressive amount that the Youth Crew, as well as the population of Noosa, deserve to be proud of.Once the BAT was back onboard and all hands were fed, the anchor was weighed and we sailed clear of Noosa and shaped a course to gain points by passing through as many of the pre-designated waypoints as possible. At this point the Youth Crew have succeeded in reaching two waypoints for a total of 160 points. The wind is due to increaseand back around to the Sou’West in the next few hours and if they continue to the East in search of more waypoints, they may find themselves downwind of their destination and in a race against time to complete their mission.Up to this point in command day, the organisation the Youth Crew have put in place, and their level of teamwork has served them well and they have made an excellent start. The real measure of theirsuccess will, however, be determined by how they react if the wind backs around as forecast and they are forced to deviate from their plan.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship was christened on 02 June,1987 by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent, at Brooke Yachts Shipyard, Lowestoft England. His Royal Highness Prince Philip is amongst the thousands of guests worldwide who have sailed in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR .YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Cutwater-The area of a vessel’s bow where it meets the waterline. Gantline-A halyard used to hoist people, gear and tools aloft. It is often rove from near themasthead.Thought of the day: Never act in a certain way just to fit in, for when all your acting is done, you will have forgotten who you really are. Cristopher SwiftYours, AyeJohn Cowan


26° 30' South / 153° 25'


Wind: Nor' West at 22 kts, Temp:22 c, Sea State 3