Captain's Log
30 September 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 40 of our voyage. Apologies for not adding my entry to last nights Log but I was bed ridden with the dreaded ‘Mindelo Belly’ and I can honestly say that it is something that you would not wish upon your worst enemy. The good news is that I am slowly on the mend as are the other members of the crew that have succumbed to this mystery Cape Verde illness.Given that a number of the crew are still not feeling 100% we decided to make today another Sunday Sea routine so as to give everyone the opportunity to get some rest and hopefully get them all well again.Since departing Mindelo we have had favourable winds and good sailing conditions which has meant that our Atlantic crossing is of to a very good start. We know that this wind won’t last forever as we still have to pass through the doldrums but at the moment we will continue to carry as much sail as possible and in the days ahead may even change down to our light weather jib (Drifter) so as to try and achieve the best boat speed in the lighter conditions.Currently we are located 200nm to the SSW of Mindelo and have just altered course with a favourable wind shift and are now sailing downwind under all three squares.Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captain Log is Damien an Annie, please enjoy.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav ShoutoutTo Kat, please find attached a photo of a ‘Passage Six Group Hug’ and yes you are with us in our dreams Ahoy,Today was the first morning of the last leg of our voyage, and sees us pushing south towards the equator and our final destination in South America!It started in a bit of a green state with many crew members still getting over their Mindelo bellies. This called for the longest happy hour to date to “sanitise to keep our sanity”. We wiped down every surface of the ship from the upper decks all the way down to the heads, using Shauno’s old family recipe disinfectant, which we believe contains at least 11 secret antibacterials and a little bit of voodoo, as it has so far done the job.After this we went into another Sunday Sea to allow the crew to rest and recuperate as we enter the long haul to Rio. With the temperature still being above 28 degrees the upper deck was the place to be, whether the crew were sleeping, reading or enjoying some tunes.The conditions for us have been excellent with nice sunny days and good winds for sailing. This has allowed us to really work on our sailing skills since we embarked upon the Young Endeavour, and we are now starting to take over positions like Watch Leader, Watch Officer, and soon to be Sail Master. This has enabled the crew members to take up more responsibility, learn more complex parts to sailing, and to slowly let the staffies take a back seat, or to enable a crewy led mutiny.As we now step into the last leg of our journey many crew members are taking the time to reassess their goals, and reflect upon what they would like to achieve. This varies from wanting to experience a storm and push themselves, getting fit and healthy, through to revisiting our previously hard earned sail skills. While there is still a long time to go, the days are finite, and people are showing enthusiasm with renewed vigour to make sail while the wind blows.Damien and AnnieShoutoutsDamien – Hope everyone back home is going well, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the end of the year. Holly, I told you I’d say hello. Also, I’ve probably missed someone’s birthday, sorry.Annie – Hey everyone  I have so far managed to miss out on getting sick! I think it may have something to do with my Lays chips diet that I stuck with while ashore. Sorry I didn’t get back to you Jeremy! The café was closed the morning before we left. Miss all of you heaps! Lots of love xoxBrittney- Hey Mumma & Dadda! Missing you heaps! Sorry I didn’t get to call you in Mindelo, wifi was horrible! 8 days till my birthday – Countdown is on   Love you long time! XxxIan – A big hello to the family back home – Charmaine, Leo, Sam, Amy, Ken, Jan, and woof woof to Cooper and Daisy. Also a Hi to Amanda and all the CR team – thanks for holding the fort while I’m away sailing the Atlantic. Congratulations to Julianne (the new Mrs Way!) Cheers.


13 degrees 50 minutes North / 25 degrees 36 minutes West


Currently located 200nm SSW of Mindelo and experiencing moderate - strong NE winds with a 1m SW swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is a warm 24 degrees