Captain's Log
9 June 2003

Commence Command Day

Situation at 20:00 – The night watches were spent at anchor near Dunk Island, with crew members getting some much needed rest before Command Day. Command Day involves the command of the ship, Young Endeavour, to be formally handed over to the Youth Crew for 24 hours. During this period the Youth Crew will be given a number of difficult and tough mission objectives, of which they can choose to attempt any number. The objectives for Command Day are to have fun, achieve as many ‘points’ as possible by achieving more objectives, whilst arriving at the final destination on time. After breakfast it was time to commence Command Day, beginning with a small handover ceremony. Upon completion of the ceronomy, itwas time for an exciting morning brief with the Youth Command team. Navigator Jo described our projected course over the next 24 hours while XO Liz outlined the plan for the day. The Salty Sea Puppy Rob described the origins of the nautical terms ‘Port’ and ‘Starboard’ while Mother Galley Girl had a bag full of goodies collected from items left lying around ship. At the completion of morning brief it was time to send the BAT (Beach Assault Team) ashore to commencetheir covert operation, which was a huge success. Meanwhile it was all remaining hands to cleaning stations, with a special ‘Brass’ clean completed for bonus points. At 11:00 the ship weighed anchorand using only sails, the Youth Crew succesfully navigated the ship out of Dunk Island and on to the numerous way points required. The team work and communication of the Youth Crew is comendable, with special mention going to the three chefs below deck who have been preparing some absoulutley amazing meals.The afternoon was once again filled with more fun and adventure for the Youth Crew of Young Endeavour 10/03. The challenges ofgetting 20 members aloft at the same time was a sight worthy of a number of happy snaps, while afterwards much time was spentrecouperating and enjoying the sun. As the team heads towards their final destination of Fitzroy Island, I cannot help but noticed how the crew has maturered and ‘come together’ to achieve our common goal. I am truely proud to be a member and captain of such a wonderful, intelligent and hard working Youth Crew that is now capable of achieving so much more in their lives than before they first joined the ship seven days ago. Everyone on board has learnt something new about themselves, whether that be stepping out of their comfort circles or about how they can truely strive to be the best that they can under any circumstances. Once again, thankyou to the Youth Crew, you guys are my inspiration.Yours, AyeLaurence (Bandtown)Youth Crew Captian.Hey it’s Aimee from S.A. I would just like to say hello to Mum, Dad, Joelle, family and friends and to tell u guys that I am having agreatest time. Today we started command day, where the youth crew run the ship, and I was one of three selected to cook. We made asts for lunch, for dinner we made lasagne, taco’s, garlic bread, ceasar salad and had fruit salad and ice cream for dessert. It is an important job be cooking the food as everyone needs it to keep up their energy.I have found the last 12 hours very exhausting but have felt proud to have feed the stomachs of 36 people so that they continue on with the excellent running of the ship. I miss you all heaps but will be home soon eager to see you all.Lots of love, Aimee xoxoxox. Hey there Graeme, Steve and Amanda, Jo and Shane and Mum and Dad. Just wanted to let you know that we the youth crew are in control of the ship for 24 hours and as Aimee said we have cooked up a feast despite the movement in the kitchen. Hope everyone is well and will see you soon.Love always, Tanya (Melbourne).


17° 21' South / 146° 10' East


At sea under seven sails. Wind:Sou'East at 23 kts. Temp 21c, Cloud 3/8.