Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 September 2017

Command Responsibilities

Ahoy there,What a beautiful morning! 6.30 am anchored in Flint and Steel Bay, a light breeze from the east, clear blue skies and a fantastic view of the junction of Cowan Creek and the Hawkesbury River. Too lovely not to share with the whole crew – time for Evan to get them up on deck with an up-beat tune and a game to get the heart started.What a great range of breakfast choices, including cereals, a delicious fruit platter, yoghurts, toast, croissants, pastries it just went on! Staffies weighed anchor at 0715 and we moved to a new anchorage between West Head and Barrenjoey Head for the start of Command Day.It was then time for the Morning Brief which included Salty’s explanation and practical demonstration of the origin of the nautical expression ‘Son of a Gun’. That was followed by a snappy ‘Happy Half-Hour’, followed by ‘Opposites’ where the Youthies elected into leadership positions had the chance to talk to their opposite number in the Staff Crew to get the ‘low down’ on what their job involves. At 1000 I handed over Control to YC Captain Sean and the Staffies jumped over the side and went on ‘holiday’. Sean will tell you about the remainder of the day and I will speak to you again when I get the Ship back at 1000 tomorrow. Yours aye,Captain Mike  Ahoy all!This is Captain Sean speaking,Being  anchored in Broken Bay, just a short paddles distance away from Palm beach could not have come at better time. The sky was a beautiful blue just as the water; with a few clouds here and there.As the youth crew woke and started there traditional anchored walk around the deck to help wake up before breakfast, we all realised that today was the day. The day that we have been practising meticulously by working in heavy winds, rain and even the harsh light of the sun; it was finally time for the newly elected Youth Leaders to take command of the Ship.I had the privilege of getting an understanding of how to Captain this fine vessel from our brilliant Captain Mike. It was an absolute honour and quite frankly, it didn’t feel real as if I were to be the new Captain for Command Day. I believe that my fellow Youth Leaders were feeling the same way as they too were able to get an understanding of how each of there roles worked by the Staff, that being the Sail-Master, Navigator, Watch Officers and Watch Leaders.With the explanations over, the Youth Crew lined up at Mid-Ships and awaited the Staff for the hand over of Young Endeavour. As I received the ceremonial Captains Hat and Spyglass, the task orders and navigation details were handed over to myself. With a firm handshake by Captain Mike the staff decided to go for a swim whilst we decided what the plan for the next 24hrs would be.The Task list was extensive, but nothing that this amazing crew cannot handle under the guidance and leadership of the Youth Leaders. So with that the Navigator Joseph, Sail-Master Lachlan, the three Watch Officers Ellie, Sam and Anton as well as myself, set to work on the plan for the day. To start, we sent the crew to Palm Beach to hike all the way to the lighthouse not just for the view but to get a sensational photograph. Unfortunately the three Youth Crew Chefs were not able to attend as they were cooking up a brilliant lunch for the whole crew, so a special thank you to Tianne, Caitlyn and Daniel.Once the crew got back on deck it was an executive decision to allow the crew to lay aloft onto the yards for a smashing photograph. When we all came back down, dinner was served and the anchor was being weighed. We were underway! The wind decided not to be on our side as the night started, but the wind dance worked and I can confirm it has picked up and we are now travelling to Newcastle at a current speed of 4knots.Thank you and hold fast.Sincerely,Youth Captain Sean.