Captain's Log
14 October 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 54 of our voyage. The World Voyagers 48hr Command Period came to and end at 1300 today when both Captains Lewi and Stephen handed back the Telescope of Challenge and the ‘Skipper’ Ball Cap which officially ended the activity and also gave us Staff Crew back the ship. The Command Teams and their crews did a fantastic job throughout this activity and really proved that they have the confidence and the skills required to sail and run this amazing Tall Ship.Currently we are located 600nm NE of Rio sailing under a full press of sail and enjoying moderate ENE winds with a 1m ESE swell.During the first 24 hrs of the Command Period Captain Lewi was a bit to busy to write the Log so he has made up for it by writing tonight’s edition, please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptain’s Log 14 OctGood evening Young Endeavour Fan Club!Command day continued overnight, with a change in the command team from 1300. Captain Steve was ably assisted by Sail Mistress Amy and Navigator Talbot; unfortunately for Talbot, the first 18 hours on their watch was all about speeding toward Rio (big picture stuff). This did require changes to the sail plan overnight, which kept the watches busy as we set, furled, gasketed and ungasketed sails to get the most out of the ship, all while avoiding local fishing vessels in the dark.Sail Mistress Amy had tasked each watch with a creative performance piece to be developed overnight, and performed at morning brief; Red watch sang a harmonised a capella song about the staffies, titled Captain Gav ,to the tune of Mr Sandman (encores were requested); Whities created a dance that may get busted out in the nightclubs in Rio; and the Blueys wrote a poem that brought tears to eyes amongst the World Voyagers.Talbot the Navigator then reeled off some mad rhymes to summarise the situation, before giving us exciting news. We had a challenge: circumnavigate two waypoints before continuing toward Rio! The plan was hatched and the players put in position, all waiting with anticipation. But of course, when you need the wind to hold steady, she decides to change direction midway through the challenge (sailing, hey!?!). Try as we might, the decision was made to make course for Rio before we could round the second waypoint.The galley cats for the second period of Jess, Caitlin, Damo and Vita continued to reach the lofty standards already set, and wowed everyone with their roast beef and risotto options for dinner and taco/nacho mix for lunch. Big thanks to them (and Rudy, Maddy and Annie from the first period) for keeping us all fed (overfed?) during the command period.All the World Voyagers must be congratulated for their contributions during the Command Period, but special thanks to Brad and Dan for acting as Officers of the Watch, to Gilly, Chuck, Sam, Bob, Zac and Kate for Watch Leading, and Rowan, Dan, Zac, Brad, Sam, and Chuck for assisting the engineers.The ceremonial returning of the Skipper Cap and Telescope of Power to Captain Gav occurred at 1300 today. He quickly quelled any talk of mutiny by standing the crew down until dinner time, for a much needed rest (he’s a smart captain, that’s for sure).We were lucky enough to be able to have every sail on the ship set simultaneously this afternoon, much to everyone’s (and especially Amy’s) delight. Many climbed to try and get that perfect photo, but how seriously can you be taken when you have a GoPro attached to your head?As the sun sets on another amazing day aboard STS Young Endeavour, the realization that there are only a handful of days left is starting to take hold. We have returned to our original watches (minus Kat for us blueys, thoough she is not forgotten) for the final run in. Excitement for Rio is freshening, as we make our plans for the upcoming days, but many a moment will be spent in reflection on what has been a unique, amazing, exciting, satisfying and fulfilling passage. To think we were in Amsterdam only 53 days ago…Tchau,Lewi ShoutoutsRudy: Hey Mumma and Dadda! Can’t believe that we are almost there! I spent command day in the Galley and very tired and sore from it; but loved every minute- was defiantly doing a you in the kitchen Mumma. Cant wait to give you a call in Rio! OMG! Love you Forever Brittney xxxDamo – Happy birthday Nathan mate. By the way this is your present. You’re welcome. Everyone else, I’m nearly back on soil so I’ll call you all in a few days from Ipanema.


16 degrees 51 minutes South / 35 degrees 53 minutes West


Currently located 600nm NE of Rio and enjoying moderate ENE winds with a 1m ESE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 21 degrees.