Captain's Log
10 December 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 52 of our voyage. Well at 1300 today I officially handed over the ship to the World Voyagers of Passage Six. Captain Lewi and his command team will take the ship for the first 24hrs then will do a hot handover to Captain Stephen and his team for the second 24hrs.Already the crew have done a great job of putting the ship under sail, passing through some waypoints and tacking the ship. There are more challenges ahead but having observed most things during the first 8hrs of this command period I am sure that things will continue to go well.Currently we are located 900nm to the NE of Rio De Janeiro still sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail but expect once we pass through the next required waypoint we will be able to bare away and be able to set the squares.Volunteering to write tonight’s Log for Captain Lewi who is still pretty busy is Bob, please enjoy! Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav Captain’s Log 12/10/15Ahoy there loyal followers of yet another eagerly anticipated Captain’s Log. Here we are at day 52 with only a week until our planned arrival in the city of Rio and about 220 miles off the coast of Brazil. The big D day (let’s hope it doesn’t stand for destruction of the ship) has arrived and the youth crew have taken command of the ship. The time has arrived to show what we’ve learned over the past 52 days.The big moment came at 13:00 when Captain Gav officially handed over the Captaincy to the able hands of Lewi. With the ceremonial handover of the telescope, the ship was officially under the control of the youth crew. With an inspiring speech from the great man (King Lewi the Third) everyone knew the ship would be in good hands. When you combine this with the likes of Nina as Chief Navigator, Liv as Sail Master some may argue that the ship has never been in better hands.The handover went seamlessly with the crew adeptly moving into watch mode and setting and furling sales with relative ease and everyone chipping in when required. The afternoon consisted of numerous tacking drills over the course of the afternoon with the only minor hitch being caused by Kate’s underwear being caught in one of the ropes (or as she claims pyjama pant) preventing the course yard being braced.Following a successful tacking drill the crew partook in Shaun’s fun times with Kate and Bob in which the crew partook in a rather comical game of Young Endeavour Heads (i.e. celebrity heads).The biggest test of the day however was down in the galley in which Rudi, Annie and Maddie had the task of replacing Marcos and Keely in the kitchen. With an amazing moussaka and curry put on the table along with a deliciously tasty cheesecake, the new chefs have passed their first test with flying colours. Word is that head chef Marcos’s position is now on thin ice.Signing off for another captain’s log hope everyone is well back home.Bob


13 degrees 7 minutes South / 33 degrees 47 minutes West


Currently located 900nm NE of Rio and experiencing moderate - strong ESE winds with a 1m SE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.