Captain's Log
5 April 2008

Command Day, Sailing off the Sunshine Coast

Hello from YC Captain Mike – As i sit here thinking back over the last 9 hours since i took control of the ship, i never could have prepared myself enough for what has happened, i was confident in leading my own watch of crew members, but leading a whole ship is completley different.I found it especially hard to delegate efficiently to other crew members, and once i learned this (captain Chris had to tie my leg to the helm to teach me this lesson) nothing feels like the frustration of watching others do a job a different way to what you had in mind. Never the less the end result usually is what is supposed to happen.Today ive learned that trust is a big part of management in any organisation, the crew has to trust that i will make the right decisions when it comes to the crunch, and i must trust the crew members and fellow officers, to help sail us to the common goal. In two days time i leave the ship but take with me many photo’s, memories, and new mates. hopeing that i have given the very best that i can into this voyage.Regards,Mike


26° 40' South / 153° 12' East


Wind NE 10 knots, sea calm, panic (generally) under control....