Captain's Log
21 August 2011

Command Day … rough stuff!

Hi everyone,Its 0641, 17 hours into Command Day. For those who don\’t know, this log was meant to be completed yesterday as part of the 23 tasks set by the staff. Due to an eventful night however this seems to have taken a backseat.The day started off with blue skies and good intentions. The hand over of command was celebrated by the youth crew with an empowering swim, raising spirits to all new highs. With the day getting old and our task list not getting any shorter it was time to close the pool and get our hands dirty.The first task necessary to be completed was the formation of a Beach Assault Team (BAT) to storm the beach in search of navagational instructions and a gaggle of eager and patriotic locals to assist in the singing of our national anthem. The youth crew watched and listened with great intent as the first task was completed successfully.With 23 tasks to complete time was of the essence. The completion of the national anthem marked the start of the next task, a photo of all the youth crew spread amongst the yards of the foresail. The view from the beach would have been an interesting one.All hands on deck, set the sails and weighed the anchor (pulling in of the anchor). Headed out to sea. It all looks smooth sailing until the gale force winds and lots of sails which tends to not be the best of mix ( similar to 180km/h in a 60km/h zone). For most of us it was our first time in true gale force winds and interesting to watch us all work to ten different screaming directions, none of which had any value to add to what we were actually trying to achieve. But anyhoo we shortened the sails and with a little help from the engines rode out the rough seas off Cape Moreton throughout the night. We go to all our revised waypoints and as I type we have entered the relative shelter of Morteon Bay.Must leave you all now because we have 28 of the 23 outstanding tasks left to compelete. I\’ll give you an update towards the end of our voyage.arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh…….


26° 52' South / 153° 9' East


Wind: 180 at 20 knots. Seastate: 3 Swell: Massive but reducing. Baramoter: 1023. Temperature: 15 degrees. Although it feels alot colder than that especially without sleep.