Captain's Log
23 May 2006

Command Day, Port Stephens to Sydney

Voted in as Captain of the Youth Crew on board the Australian peoplesvery own tall sail training ship the Young Endeavour? No way, I wouldn’t even have dreamed of it less the 2 hours before I was asked to be captain. I can’t be a leader (or at least I thought then) I haven’t got the guts, skills and drive required to lead a pack of sheep let alone 22 fellow youth crew. But here I am, leading 22 amazing young adults on this awesome machine, surprised and honoured by the opportunity, yet trying to fight back my fears and thetemptation to just give up, break down and let somebody else do it when it all got to hard.After the initial burst of energy and exhilaration it all started to head south given the fact that within the first few hours of taking command of the ship we almost set a milestone for the Young Endeavour by being the first youth crew to run her aground, not once but twice. This was partially due to the lack of adequate wind, thats our excuseanyway.As Captain I found it hard to stay out of the finer workings of the ship. Instead of relying on the talent and skill of Taryn the Executive Officer, Jim the Navigator, Kate the Watch Officer. Watch Leaders Atty, Rach and Kurt, with there crews who provided the brain and manpower to make the whole voyage possible. Blue Watch – Pete, Dave, Luke, Shell: White Watch – Sarah, Sarah B., Jeff, Stairs, Alex and Red Watch – Disco Stu, Steph, Becky and Kimi. Not to mention the chefs Devin, Nat and Margeaux.With the combined effort and raw determination of the entire crew mentioned above, we were able to resolve our disturbingly close proximity to land and set a course for Sydney. Another great accomplishment of the crew was to complete a number of difficult sailing manouveours requiring the complete co-operation of all crew in the dead of night with high seas, with sea sickness, wind and beating rain and hail not making matters easy.Anyone is capable of pushing their boundaries to acheived things they used to either only dream about. This is not something I read somewhere or got off some motivational speaker: this is my personal experience whilst on the Young Endeavour. And if this change could happen to me, just a country bumkin from Mt Isa, its definitely possible for anybody. I’m so glad I on Young Endeavour. This has been one of the most gruelling yet rewarding experiences ever. Huge thanks to all the staff who where awesome and of course my fellow youthcrew. Y’all the man.Mick DYouth Crew Captain


33° 27' South / 151° 45' East