Captain's Log
14 June 2009


Hi Everyone,Please find attached Part 2 of the Command Day Captains Log which has been written by a number of willing volunteers from the Youth Crew.I Hope you enjoy.Yours AyeCapain GavCommand Day Captains Log Voyage 06/09 Part 2Hello to family, friends, and nautical followers.Today we completed Part Two of Command Day by beginning the morning with a fun and energetic morning brief. One of our tasks was to sing the national anthem in six different tunes. We chose the tunes of: Rudolph, Stop Right There by the Spice Girls, Deck The Halls, Bananas In Pyjamas, Miss Mary Mack, and the Chicken Dance.It definitely added a different spin and provided many laughs (and a healthy competition between the crew and the staff over who could pick the tune first).Around 1pm the Youth Crew handed back the $20 million ship. I must say that a small sign of relief came from the Youth Crew as not only could be see the sights of Burrnet Heads ( just in front of Bundaberg) but we could also learn more tricks of the trade.Afterwards we finally got a touch of civilization with an hour shore leave. It is amazing how much you appreciate the small things like ordering a coffee at the caf�, or sitting on grass, or going to the bathroom that you could actually move around in without fear of falling.Overall for me this experience has been amazing. Apart from that major lack of sleep, the constant rocking of the boat, the drills of setting and furling the sails, the highlights have been abundant. Today for example we enjoyed more of Chad’s cooking and participated in a Crew Concert. Being on the Young Endeavour has been one of the most challenging things that I have done so far. Yet according to our Captain persistence is the trick. Via perseverance I was able to moving on from barely reaching the first platform to climbing all the way to the top of the sail, in which ( and I apologise to my family) I had to say “I am the King Of The World”.It was via nothing more than pure determination that got me from the first platform to the top. Yet as we continue in the intense zone that is the Young Endeavour I am sure that I will be able to achieve more and most importantly learn more about life, leadership and living to the fullest.And for all those reading this the most valuable lesson I have learnt so far is: don’t settle for mediocrity.Samantha TillingHello to all those checking the update on the Brisbane to Bundaberg voyage. The last 26 hours have been quite challenge as this was our chance to have complete control over this magnificent vessel. With over 21 tasks to complete, every hour was vital. However despite needing to sail 40 miles and having no wind, we successfully made our way to the destination achieving all but one task. Not bad for a motley crew of sailors with 8 days experience! I would like to let everyone know that we are all both greatly enjoying the voyage, but also all eager to get home and see our loved ones. A quick shout out to my awesome family, best mate Jake and lovely girlfriend Alex, I’m having a ball and can’t wait to see you all.EricHey all that will be reading mainly to my family, yesterday we gained control over the boat young endeavour and as a group we managed to sail across Harvey Bay from Frazier Island successfully with out the aid of any engines. I have to go now so to all I say good night and hope to see you soonCameronHey everyone!!!!!!Just wanted to say I miss you all very much and cant wait to see you in a few days..Also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby brother Ethan who is 5 today wish I could be there with you but I will see you very soon. Having a ball and see you soon..Love always Dani Love xoxoxoHello to all reading this. Our Young Endeavour adventure is about to come to an end, and what an adventure it has been! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.Felicity.Hey to all. Just want to say that I do miss you, and I can’t wait to be in a real bed. I have really been loving it and still looking forward to tomorrow. Just to note, you have a different girl. Love you Mummy and Daddy.RoZHey everyone!!Just wanted to say I had the best time ever on the Young Endeavour ship. I encourage all young people across Australia to take this awesome trip into the sea, trust me you all will have the wicked time with the crew as they are always full of entertainment, a special hello to all my family and friends MISS YOU ALL and can’t wait to see you soon.Deanna 


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Currently alongside at the Marina and experiencing a very light SE winds.