Captain's Log
21 July 2009


Hi Everyone,Welcome to the second part of Command Day. The Youth Crew have successfully navigated the ship to Horseshoe Bay (Magnetic Island) and completed all of their Tasks. The Last of those tasks was to complete Captains Log for tonight so please find attached Staff Crew Captain James second log entry.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG PART 2Exhausted both mentally and physically, the young endeavour crew tonight have never been keener for bed. Safely anchored in the gorgeous Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, a few youth crew sit on the bridge reflecting on the last day and a half.After an amazingly successful and often stressful night, the youth crew and staff awoke just a little bit early to anchor at our final waypoint and destination of our command day. Arriving 4 hours prior to hand over time, and with the knowledge that we had all helped steer the ship, often to within yards of our designated waypoints, every member of the team was filled with delight and enthusiasm for the morning ahead.After another awesome breakfast prepared by our very own chefs, everyone went straight to work on the 24 tasks we we’re assigned. For a lucky few that meant a trip ashore to raise the flag and sing the national anthem. And as not leave anyone out, thanks to the locals who all joined in on the beach. Cheers!After commanding the ship for 25hours and 7mins, hitting a top speed of 7.4 knots, during the night setting 8 sails at once, completing all of our 24 tasks we were assigned, and least of all getting all 27 youth aloft, we finally were able to hand the ship back over to the staff.Our 74 mile journey for command day had come to an end to a sea of applause. And although some may have been glad to give the ship back to Captain Gav, I guarantee that none shall forget command day on Voyage 09/09.And now I leave you with a great untitled poem written exclusively for our voyage by our own youth crew resident paramedic. Enjoy! And so long.James Doust(Command Day Captain)On day one with our hearts all a’flutterWe neared the moored boat and started to mutterIs this the thing we’ll be on for ten days,The thing that supposedly cranks through the waves?We were up and away with no-one the winger,Followed quite closely by a crazy grey ginger.The mattress was quick to lay down the law,While the youth gathered round and muttered some more.Up we did climb some confident most not,Some would have even rather been shot.Off to our bunks we did retire at last,Only to be awoken by the PA on full blast!After being introduced to courses, buntlines and sheets,And tacking 10 times we were dead on our feet.Revived by Chad’s cooking on the next morn,We set about naming ropes, youth and all.Heaving away on the sheets and checking away on the lines,This’ll be the grounds for many good times.As the days went on by and our skill level grew,We were always keen to learn something new.Arrr, Ahoy there, you’re a well cut young jib,The youth crew all thought is this just a fib?As command day drew near we started to ponder,Who will do what to take us out yonder?Command day did dawn and positions were filled,Time for the youth’s metal and skill to be grilled.All through the day and all through the night,James, Elise and Dezzie got us there alright!And not to forget the youth who heaved and sweated,Believing now that the experience couldn’t be bettered.Oh how lovely to be like a bird on a feather,Sailing thru the wind, on the Young Endeavour!By,Rhys Yerbury.So We have made it this far, nearly there now� What a sad day it’s going to be when we have to leave this ship and all the crew. This is definitely an experience that will stay with the rest of us for many years to come. Its not everyday that you get to learn how to sail a tall ship!! Just of Magnetic Island, how beautiful it really is. We’ve all seen and learnt so so much over the last week, we are now a team and a great one at that. Thanks everyone, cyaz when we get back!! Xox Niki 


19°6's / 146°51'e


Currently at anchor in Horseshoe Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SE winds.