Captain's Log
22 August 2012


Ahoy there,It seems like forever since the last log entry. The Youth crew in charge of the Young Endeavour on our command day, spent last night making multiple tacks and course changes in an attempt to finish all of the tasks that were assigned to us by the staff crew. Unfortunately the weather was very poor – for example around midnight we lost all wind for approximately an hour. Never the less the crew was not disheartened, and by morning we were able to decipher the anagram of the influential person in the Young Endeavour’s history. The solution was a man named Sir Arthur Weller, who played a significant part in the planning and building of the Young Endeavour. As a team we worked together to successfully complete all the tasks assigned to us, and ended only 1.5 miles from the designated finish point.At 0900 we handed the command of the ship back to the staff, and we headed to anchor at Tangalooma, in Morton Bay. When we arrived we had a de-brief for Command day. Although we had not been able to complete all of the tasks that the staff had provided us with, the staff concluded that it had been an extremely successful command day for the youth crew. The main point of command day is to test the dynamics of the Young Endeavour youth crew, their organisation, skills and co-operation, and the youth crew proved multiple times great qualities of commitment, cooperation and team work. As we discussed in the debrief, we have come away from command day with lessons learned, ranging from self confidence and pride, to responsibility and planning and even cooking skills.Subsequent to the debrief we had the opportunity to go ashore for some well-earned down time after command day, with some youth crew playing sports, others adventured Moreton including its numerous ship wrecks and sand dunes. We ended the day with watching the dolphins being fed from the beach, and a competition to try and drop an egg from the lower top in self designed safety equipment and try to stop the egg from breaking.This is my final task as Captain of the Young Endeavour; tomorrow night Captain Matt will resume writing the Captains log. This has been a fantastic voyage and I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to this beautiful ship and crew. However until I sail again, I am signing out.CAPT Lewis  


27°10's / 153°22'e


Wind: SW at 4ktsSwell: NilTemp: 17 Degrees