Captain's Log
7 August 2010


Hi Everyone,Please find attached Part 2 of Command Day, I am sure you will enjoy the read.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY PART 2Ahoy there!What an eventful and amazing experience the YC have just accomplished! We sailed through the night, with whales on our side and as the winds picked up to between 15-20 knots we needed to furl and clew sails to slow down so we would have a sensible arrival time for anchor at Keswick Island. We arrived at just before 0900 hours to an island that looks like it has come straight out of a Jurassic Park film. We all took every opportunity to take many photos of this picturesque island. As part of the command day the YC were set 23 tasks that needed to be completed within the 24 hours, these were all completed just in time finishing with all of the YC climbing aloft for a photo and to secure the sails for our over night stay. After lunch we handed back the STS Young Endeavour to Captain Gav, being congratulated and having a sense of accomplishment of the task we had just achieved. With many hands and tired eyes YC of Voyage 11/10 achieved something that very few people get the opportunity to do, with this in mind we have taken every breath of every moment and held onto it; to remember the adventure and challenges set upon us. We started these 24 hours with a vision of completing all the tasks and making anchor safely, and with every member seeing and adopting this vision our team was successful. It would not have been possible without the efforts of every single person on this ship and many thanks goes out to the staff of the Young Endeavour who passed on their knowledge and patience to teach us what we now know. With the end of our adventure on the horizon, we are taking every last moment to ensure we are having a blast!!!!Smile and have Fun.Cap’n Peter.Just a few more shout outs.Hi Family, having such a great time learnt heaps of sailing terms. Miss you so much Pete, can’t wait to see you. Love you.KhannahHi Mum, Cambell, and family,Having the best time, made some great friends, wish I could stay longer but cant wait to come home. Seen and done amazing things!! See you all soon, love Sherrie xxxHeyy Family , I miss you guys heaps, but im sorry I am staying on the young Endeavour  Just joking, Love You Guys Heaps, Chris xo 


20°53's / 149°24'e


Currently at anchor at Keswick Island and experiencing moderate - strong SE winds with nil swell.