Captain's Log
20 July 2010


Hi Everyone,Please find attached Part 2 of the Youth Crews Captains Log. Make sure you read the poem composed by Paris, Josh, Adrian & Amanda, it is extremely good.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYouth crew captain Charlie here,It’s hard to imagine after having the best week of my life on the Young Endeavour I would have the most exciting challenging and adventure filled day I have ever experienced, but this is exactly what when I spent 24 hours as the captain of the Young Endeavour, looking back it is just a blur, an amazing blur that I spent with some amazing people I know so well but have only just met.At 1050 we sailed into our last waypoint and dropped anchor at Airlie Beach, just 10 minutes before the deadline.All I can say is how proud I am of myself and my great new friends.Signing out, Youth Crew Captain Charlie BudiniPoemComposed by Paris, Josh, Adrian & AmandaWe saw the Young Endeavour alone in the berth,We met people like Kate, she was from Perth,From the shore, the ship looked real sick,Tammy rounded us up for a pic – TURE.We walked down the concrete pier,Libby was strong, showing no fear,But we weren’t sailing that night,We climbed up, which gave Meg a fright.We were given our cabins, where we would sleep,Where Jarred, or Bieber, collapsed in a heap,Captain Gav stood up and gave a speech,But all Adrian could think of was Whitehaven beach.Snowy’s great food was second to none,And Kent was really the son of a gun,Sophie’s strong cordial filled her cup,While Tom, or Rambo, cracked out a chin-up.We set sail at 1, to the open sea,While Paris was still singing ‘Imma Be’,Jengis the fiddler made a bet,Involving a dress, that he’d soon regret.In the ocean, we rocked to-and-fro,Mid-ship to vomit, we all had to go,Jess was loving the job as a cook,Amanda was on Brampton, reading a book.Our early morning were battering Crhis.His 12-hour sleeps, he was sure to miss,Ethan was loving nav on the bridge,Laura white joined him, after rounds by the fridge.Cupcake, or Josh, was terrible at ‘cheat’,In all card games he was sure to be beat,Phoebe’s sense of fashion echoed her smile,We still believe she’s off her dial.For the whole voyage, Ally was high on life,Her hot dance moves cut like a knife,Charlie was never short of a song,His dolphins came and helped him along.White Watch was blessed with clever Kara,Who helped us arrive in ‘serenic’ Nara,Louis awoke with a sore, red eye,Sadly, later, we waved him goodbye.Over the mic, we now hear Adams voice,Sadly Kenny, you’re not our first choice,Red Watch is being guided with Maz at the head,Without her, they would surely be dead.Mason enjoyed his golden shower,Pity he didn’t replace bicarb with flour,Laura from blue struggled off land,But her lovely smile emerged when we were on sand.There were rangas on board, in fact there were two,One was the seadog, the other was Blue,Dan and Joels sore throats raised suspicion,Rumours soon spread that they were kissin’.We have two engineers, they ain’t trippin’,Lindsay does tricks and Leon likes skippin’,Penny fixed us up when we were sore,’Zulu’ brought Tug to your door.The ‘Pommy Git’ Sophie was up on the mast,It’s sad, but this voyage is her last,She is not the only one to leave us this week,There’s Captain Gav, who’s still at his peak.Adrian made Ally drink some salt,It made him spew, it was all his fault,Kent shot so much Tabasco sauce,Pity his shoes nearly put us off course.Ethan ate his Danish, which was a real treat,It reminded him of something he used to eat,But now our voyage’s end is near,In saying goodbye, we will all shed a tearity his shoes nearly put us off course.Ethan ate his Danish, which was a real treat,It reminded him of something he used to eat,But now our voyage’s end is near,In saying goodbye, we will all shed a tear.Youth Crew:Hi everyone! Having an amazing time aboard Young Endeavour! I have achieved things that I never thought I would do in a bazillion years! Like laying aloft heaps and jumping off the rope swing for swims! I’ve made so many awesome new friends. I love you all heaps but don’t want this adventure to end!Hugs and Kisses – Laura, Sunny Coast, QueenslandHarrrooo everybody at home  Having an amazing time. Even without the sleep I need, I have had so much fun. The best people here, no joke. Made some friends which I’m sure will be there for me in years to come. Been climbing aloft a great deal, and feel completely comfortable, so I suppose I’m not afraid of heights anymore! The weather is marvellous. Instead of 17 degrees, it’s 29, perfect Paris weather. Can’t believe that the last day of the voyage is tomorrow.Missing everybody at home, see you all soon.Paris xxxxxHello, having a great time!Kent.Having a great time, sailing a tall ship with all sails set is surreal, like something out of a movie. A little sad at journeys end but I’m looking forward to a good night of uninterrupted sleep thanks to all of those who made it possible for me to be here, Chris.Having a sick time, apart from sleep depravation life could not be more awesometastic. By the way mum and dad I had ice cream for breakfast every morning.Jarred AKA Bieber out.Hey again  still having an awesome time. Met heaps of great people and had an awesome day cooking for everyone (except for the chocolate cake disaster). Dan stop laughing it wasn’t my fault. Can’t wait to go home but don’t want to leave this amazing experience.Thanks mum and dad XX love MegHello again, Sophie here, today was awesome including climbing the mast and swimming. Not long left to go and I’m going to miss this beautiful boat but I also miss home a lot 


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Currently at anchor in Pioneer Bay and enjoying light SE winds with nil swell.