Captain's Log
11 September 2011


Hi Everyone,                   Please find attached the second Captains Log entry from Youth Crew Captain Tom and a number of entry’s from other members of the Youth Crew. Until Tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav                              Command Day Part 2 A successful Command Day! Youth Crew worked very well at sailing the Young Endeavour through last night to 1300 this afternoon. We arrived at our final destination on time while also sailing through all six Waypoints of Glory along the way.The last 24 hours was a test of willpower and the Youth Crew’s ability to work as a team. The crew battled unfavourable winds as well as sleep deprivation and fatigue from the large amount of tacks that were made on our way. However, everyone battled on, showing the strong determination of the individuals on board.The tasks handed to us by Captain Gav were all completed! Youth Crew showed initiative and cooperation in their approach to these tasks, which were all completed to the satisfaction of the Staff Crew who judged them. Awesome!We arrived at our final destination with 7 minutes to spare! The dedicated navigators, Henry and Milly, worked tirelessly to find the fastest way to our final destination, while also dodging the many obstacles that were encountered in the bay, i.e. huge cargo ships.Overall, a fantastic, if very tiring voyage. I am extremely proud of the Youth Crew for their commitment and hard work which got us safely through the 24 hour period. We were all very tired by the end! I was very happy to hand the ship back to Gav before going straight to bed.Your now Ex-Captain,Tom.9th Nov 11So, Command day is over and everyone is tired out of their wits. Patience is short and the kraken is nipping at our heels… Oh, sorry, got caught up in the moment. Right so, a fantastic day had been had on day nine of our fantastic voyage, finishing the good ol’ galley duties and then ending up midship for a debrief and then dinner… Which was amazing! Myself and three others ended up on chef duty and cooked as excellent meals as possible the crew and was judged well. Off to go watch a movie and sleep! And AWAY!!!JonDay nine and I’m still (surprisingly!) alive! Woo for me!P.S. Eloise is awesome!-JessieHey Folks things are quit dandy. I have been the Galley chefs for the last 24 hours. There is a huge storm coming the sky is a mighty green. I having a blast t miss you all. Also peps if you see this tell Andrew that I’m arriving on Friday not Thursday (IMPORTANT…)Love always to you all Ma, Pop, Ru and Andrew.Hope you’re also having fun! YIPPPIEE WOOO home sailing (Emma)9th November 2011My longest day yet on the Young Endeavour has just ended, and after spending it manning the jib sheets, my hands are raw and I am incredibly sleep deprived. However it feels very rewarding having reached Melbourne at last after tacking against the wind for the majority of the last 24 hours. Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to a relaxed evening after all our hard work of late, but most of all, some rest. Many of us, including me, are also regretting the fact that we will soon be on land again, having learned to live, sleep, eat and socialise at sea. It is amazing how quickly you adjust to this lifestyle, which is tough, but very satisfying.Hello to Mum, Dad, Sally, Sam and May.-James Oughton9th November 2011Woah, so very tired, but quite a rewarding experience. We had Command day today! Was pretty epic, few challenges, but managed them well.Keeping it short – Shona!9th November 2011The past 24 hours have been spent navigating our way through Port Phillip. This has been an extremely challenging experience for both Henry and I. The winds were against us coming into St Kilda and the poor youth crew were forced to tack a number of times. Being given this position to share was a memorable experience and really proves we can push through the hard times. We have sailed across Port Phillip, and across the shipping freeway! What an achievement, I am so proud of the entire youth crew and the initiative and resilience shown today to get through all of the tasks. I feel privileged to be working with such wonderful people.-Amelia Marshall 


37°51's / 144°55'e


Currently at anchor in Hobson's Bay and experiencing light-moderate SE winds with nil swell and heavy showers. Temp 18 degrees, Barom 1010 Rising.