Captain's Log
28 November 2007

Command Day Part 2

Yesterday evening we left our shore party bravely struggling to paddle the inflatable dinghy against the offshore breeze to bring it into the beach. This they eventually managed and from there it didn’t take them long before they found the instructions and now with the wind behind them they were very quickly back on board, and the new instructions delivered to the command team. With the next part of their mission revealed the ship was soon underway again and the youth crew began working their way towards the next destination. The new instructions told them they were required to sail around Dangerous Reef, thence to Thistle Island for another shore mission at first light, and from there to anchor in Spalding Cove a short distance from our final destination of Port Lincoln. The pattern of light winds overnight continued and it became apparent that the second shore expedition would have to be abandoned in favour of getting to anchor by the required deadline. While the winds continued frustratingly light at times, the youth crew persisted and managed to bring the ship to anchor without the assistance of engines, a commendable achievement for a team who were total strangers to one another just over a week ago and barely knew one end of a ship from the other.At 1300 staff crew resumed control of the ship and all youth crew were straight back up aloft to sea furl all sails. Furls complete, after a short break, we gathered together for an extensive debrief, where I gained the impression that the youth crew had learned many lessons about communications and teamwork as a result of their time in charge.Tonight we hope to have a good night’s sleep at anchor so we will be well refreshed for tomorrow’s activities, most importantly a half day sail for students form the Port Lincoln Special School.Dear family and friends,We have now completed the 9th day of our journey aboard the Young Endeavour. Yesterday at lunch time, the youth crew took command of the ship for the next 24 hours. We didn’t crash the ship and everyone is safe!!! Jade and Richie were the commanding officers for the second half of the task and the navigators of the ship were Brendan and Tessa. They were given the task of sailing the ship to Thistle Island and sending a boarding party ashore to claim the Island for the youth aboard the ship. The boarding party of six youth was to paddle ashore but due to wind conditions the previous day; we were unable to make it to Thistle Island and had to abandon that task. The end result of the task was to direct the crew to a designated bearing which resulted in the anchoring of the ship in Spalding Bay. We arrived at Spalding Bay at approximately 1230 hours, sea furled all the sails and handed the ship back to the Staff at approximately 1300 hours. Once at Spalding Bay, we had lunch and discussed the task we had just completed. After the two hours long discussion and two bags of Zooper Doopers later, several youth crew were taken ashore for free time. Once on land, several of the youth crew swam whilst others ran along the beach and explored our new destination whilst dodging March flies. At this destination a seal was found but unfortunately it was dead. This has added to the list of wildlife we have seen on our journey. Mat and Jade decided to explore inland and found a trail called Carcass Rock. Unfortunately due to time limits, the trail was too long and they had to turn back and head back to the ship for dinner. Tomorrow we have a half day sail in which we will welcome several guests aboard including several children with disabilities, who would not be able to take part in the regular Young Endeavour youth program, and their families. Therefore we must say goodnight and we can’t wait to see you soon as there is only two more sleeps till our journey must come to an end.Mat and JadeYouth Crew


34° 45' South / 135° 59' East


Light winds, calm seas, clear skies.