Captain's Log
13 January 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Part 2 of the Captains Log for Command Day again written by both the Youth Crew Captains for this phase of the voyage.Yours AyeCaptain GavCommand Day Part 2Last night was long. The winds hit us almost head-on, blowing 25 knots and swinging around randomly, giving us little help in our journey to Sydney.Captain Pete and his crew were getting frustrated after setting sails and having to furl them five minutes later due to a wind change. This occurred more than once!As the night progressed, an awesome lightning storm surrounded us and at 0100 hrs Captain Mitch and his crew took over the ship. Mitch and crew continued the trend of setting and furling the sails to take advantage of all available winds.At 0300hrs, Mitch sailed into another lightning storm, with wind gusting 35 knots straight on the bow, allowing only 2 knots of progress under power. Both captains and crew enjoyed the excitement and challenge of the night.As morning broke, out ETA was looking quite dismal (around 7 hours after our required time of arrival). We kept motoring north, using sails when possible.We had been set a list of tasks to complete during the 24 hour Command Day period, which proved to be interesting and sometimes difficult, as many of us were severely sleep deprived. Tasks included singing the National Anthem to five different tunes, creating a mural on the deck of the boat, proving our ability to tie all the knots described on our toilet doors, and creating an interesting and enlivening morning spectacular (schedule for the day).These all being duly completed, we motored on to the entrance to Sydney Harbour, which was alive with nautical traffic in the Sunday afternoon winds.We motored into the heads of Port Jackson, whereupon we switched off motors, changed direction, set the sails and glided into port at Rose Bay at 1600 hours, a mere 3 hours late! Considering the conditions (ie the weather gods hated our guts), 3 hours was pretty good, well done team!The whole Youth Crew would like to thank the staff for their fantastic guidance and bravery in allowing us to take hand of the ship for 24 hours – that’s faith!Over the last 8 days we’ve all had a fantastic time and learned many things which we will surely take back to our daily lives. We have forged friendships and learned the meaning of leadership.Yo ho ho and a bottle of rumPete & Mitch


33°52's / 151°15'e


Safely at anchor in Rose Bay experiencing showers and light southeasterly winds