Captain's Log
2 July 2008


Ahoy ShipmatesPlease find attached Captains Log for second part of Command Day by Captain Beth.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptain’s Log07/01/2008Ahoy There,It’s currently 0515, and we’re well into the second half of Command Day!! After a rough start to our 24 hours in charge of the ship, we changed over command teams at 2200 on the 6th of February. After the swap, the crew finally came into some luck, with winds changing favourably and the rain easing up. The watches have been able to get some of the sails set, so with sail power and the engines we have been making up time lost earlier in the day.As the captain, I am so proud of my crew and the efforts that everyone has put in throughout the day. Its’ been quite exhausting, with less people filling the watches due to command day duties. However, the team is troopering on gallantly!! Simone, our navigator, unfortunately did not recover from her bout of sea sickness. Instead, Em stepped up to the challenge and has kept us on course throughout the night. Conor has also been doing a great job as sailing master, orchestrating the setting of the sails throughout the night.Our watch teams have been doing a brilliant job throughout the night, and though everyone is very tired, they continue to put in so much effort to keep the Young Endeavour underway. The Youth Crew has shown a lot of spirit throughout command day; though their normal watches have been changed for the day, the crew have continued to try to work together. We have been working on improving this cohesiveness throughout the night, and I believe we have come along way in working well together as an entire team.The sun is beginning to show on the horizon (which means our beautiful starry night is disappearing), so I’m going to head off now and get some more of our Command Day tasks underway. We’re about to start the chalk mural across the deck, and have an exciting morning brief planned for today.We’ll see you all in Sydney folks!Love to all,Beth ColeCommanding Officer, Command Day


33°51's / 151°13'e


At anchor in Farm Cove and currently experiencing thunder storms and with a strong south easterly wind.