Captain's Log
3 June 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Youth Crew Command Day Captains Log from the second Command Team.Yours AyeCaptain GavYouth Crew Captains LogThis is the final leg of command day, having taken over from the previous rabble at 2200 last night the new command team consists of Mitch Westlake as Captain, Tom Farrell-Barnes as Sail Master and Matt Roberts as Navigator with the Officers of the Watch and the Watch leaders remaining the same.Mitch Westlake: yarrr, ahoy there yee scurvy dogs. Its been a challenging night, having to unfortunately convert back to engines to make up speed, I am proud to say though the crew last night displayed great vigour furling six of the sails with minimum numbers just so there new friends could catch some more shut eye.It’s been a straight transit to the heads of Sydney with only minor hick ups. Preparing for the turn into Sydney took up most of the morning. The crew were up early preparing sails to cruise through the heads with the hope winds would be sufficient. However, like they say ‘best laid plans’, it wasn’t so easy.As we motor sailed through the western channel, Matt our ‘super smooth navigator’ did an exceptional job leading us to anchor in Athol bay. Tom our sail master took charge as we ‘weared’ for the first time.Sailing into Sydney was definitely a high light of the voyage, being the first time for many. It was the challenge few receive and the lessons learnt will benefit us in all of our future endeavours.I hope to see my new friends again and thank the crew for there insight, guidance and showing us just how fun sailing can be.Yours AyeYouth Crew Captain Mitch 


33°50's / 151°14'e


Currently anchored in Athol Bay (Sydney Harbour) and experiencing light north easterly winds at 5-10kts.