Captain's Log
30 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Captains Log for the second part of Command Day.COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGVOYAGE 07/08 BUNDABERG – MACKAYDAY 2Well�Command day was a mind blowing success. The weather disallowed our ‘cube of glory’ (turning in a square by the means of switching sails from port to starboard, etc.) but otherwise command day was smashing. The swell reached about three metres and the wind about 30knots, with wind bullets of up to 45knots which was breath-taking then the death rolls started and people fell out of their bunks. The journey for command day started at Percy Island group, we then travelled near Pine Peak Island, Sphinx Island, Snare Rock, and along the islands in the Cumberland Channel, coming to anchor at Scawfel Island.During this voyage we experienced speeds up to 9 knots and had waves crashing over the deck, while all of this has been happening the entire youth crew has been responsible for all normal operations of the ship, making the desired way points and the completion of set tasks. They included the Galley, Engineering, Cleaning, Beach assault team, Sailing teams, Command and Navigation. All in all the Youth Crew had entire control over the ship.There has been many personal challenges for the Youth Crew, learning how to lead and learning how to be lead, trusting the people around so that you can concentrate on your job knowing full well that they are doing their’s to achieve a range of objectives. And of course there is the challenge of ascending a 33m high mast and then having the courage to step out onto the yards that span 10m, that’s greater than the width of the ship in the large winds and swell.This expedition has been an incredible challenge that was achieved through cooperation and team effort requiring all crew members to be involved and give all that they have got to give. We will always remember this incredible experience and treasure the memories for all time. Hello to everyone back at home from all the Youth Crew. Entry by: Ryan ‘Skip’ & Steph.P.S. I wish that we had live rounds and a target for the cannon.Losing control over a $20 million tall ship is not the smartest thing to do. In fact it fits in the “bad, bad, very bad” column. Luckily Brad got the ship under control again. PhyllCommand day worked well in some sections. It was hard for me, I really struggled not being a leader but in the end it worked well. People really stepped up into leadership roles. Teamwork started to show through and it was great seeing how well everyone worked together. Mind you, loss of sleep was a very bad idea. The chefs did really well and I think command day worked well. TiarneThings We learnt from the Young Endeavour:1. Just because you double the amount of cocoa in a cake batter does not mean you don’t have to have to add sugar.2. When somebody compliments my ‘jib’ they are not referring to my great personality.3. How to relieve bodily fluids carefully while the ship is at a 90o angle.4. Four hours sleep can sustain your body for forty hours of hard work, but not your sanity. Hysterical laughter is a symptom.5. Red hair does not actually keep you warm (Ranga says Ahoy! to his Mum and Dad).6. Beards are about to come in fashion any day now, Seb swears this is true, we should all listen to him, he is very wise and magnificent.7. Sleeping bags have been known to move from bunk to bunk without any assistance� (Leaving some people freezing cold with just a pillow – feel sorry for you Steve�)8. Chad is a totes aws chef and we love his food to bits. GO CHAD!Much love to people at home,Bronte, Steph, Seb, Ranga, Cam, Cal and SkipP.S Jazz sais high to all her friends.


20°51's / 149°35'e


Currently at anchor at Scawfell Island and experiencing gusty 15-25 kt winds