Captain's Log
18 July 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached the second Captains Log from Youth Crew Captain AbeYours AyeCaptain GavOur command day has now officially ended and the command of the ship handed back to the staffies as we are anchored at Airlie Beach. However, a lot has happened and the lessons learnt from our time being in command of the ship, I’m sure will stay with us forever.This morning at the changeover of command from Captain Nathan to myself admittedly started off a little confusingly but through all our efforts, we managed to plan a fairly good course of action. Indeed planning proved itself to be an extremely vital element of our operations during this time but though there was a strong effort present from all the crew, the intensity of the complex situation proved to be a very strong force and often resulted in slight confusions.Although it wasn’t the performance of a seasoned salty sea dog, we did have a lot of fun both in sailing the ship and in other activities undertaken. Most of all, what was most powerful in our experience in command of the ship, was how all the values and attitudes learnt throughout the voyage so far were developed, acted upon and so hugely realised. This extended right from the cooperation of different members of the crew in their different roles under the humungous stress present through to the way that those in responsibility, certainly in my case, led the crew and planned the running of operations.This experience, as well as being a time of both cheer and challenge, I know has provided all of the crew members exceedingly important lessons that can be applied to so many situations in life and life in general for years to come. It would be interesting to know what endeavours each of the crew members take up in the future but only time will tell.Captain Abe


20°14's / 148°43'e


Currently at anchor at Airlie Beach and experiencing light SE winds