Captain's Log
28 August 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Well we are finally safely at anchor in Rose Bay (Sydney Harbour) after another very successful Command Day. Please find attached the Captains Log for the second part of Command Day written by Youth Crew Captain Edwin.Yours AyeCaptain GavAhoy there mateys!Last night saw us pulling through some tricky and pedantic weather (the wind always chose the most inopportune moments to change or disappear), with the Youth Crew in control, making our way down the coast off Sydney, and finally rounding in to the Harbour very early this morning, lining up onto the shipping lane and cruising through the heads of the harbour, down to our final anchorage in Rose Bay. Hurra! The Crew and Staff had a tough night with many tacks, in cold rainy weather, but the challenge was accepted by all and everyone gave it their absolute best – determined to get the hard work done. With the hard work out of the way, the crew enjoyed a beautiful sunrise as the rains eased, and an even more picturesque cruise into Sydney Harbour, dodging the odd ferry. With our command day almost complete and everyone exhausted but proud of the immense task we have achieved as a team, we can be sure to look back on this experience without regret, knowing that we gave it our all. Special thanks to the Staffies for their wisdom and support throughout the voyage, I’m sure we have all gained something life-changing from this experience. We will all miss each other’s company, and so hopefully some lasting friendships have been made.Signing out,YC Edwin 


33°51's / 151°15'e


Currently at anchor in Rose Bay and experiencing light 5-8kt SW winds.