Captain's Log
26 October 2016


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Captains Log Part 2 from the Command Day Youth Crew Captains Pete & Mitch. You will also find some other entries from some of the other YC members of Voyage 15-08.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG PART 2Gday Everyone,We are still alive! And the boat is still floating! Yeeessss! After a difficult start involving a wayward fishing boat, Captain Mitch set Young Endeavour on a 6 hour journey North East of Pembula. Perfectly guided by our navigator Kathryn, we arrived at the way point right on time. During the voyage, Sailmaster Jonno was as always on top of his game maintaining balance, speed and direction. At around 10:30 during 25 knot winds Wind Watch bravely sea-furled the sails upon the Topgallant, Topsail and Course yards. A truly inspirational effort which set the standard for the youth crew for the remainder of the voyage.At 2am just after passing the waypoint, the fearless Captain Pete and crew emerged from below to take the bridge and continue the voyage. With difficult winds seemingly blocking the path to Eden, sailmaster Henry and navigator Hannah joined heads to weave a path into the anchorage target. After only two hours of guidance, the decision was made to tack the ship and start heading back to the Australian coast. Tacking the ship involves all hands and all sail sections working in time and complete unison in order to be successful. A task made all the more difficult by icy temperatures, darkness and heavy seas! The maiden attempt to tack without guidance of staff was somewhat unsuccessful but proved to be valuable education for the future tacks. Six hours, two watch changes, four passing vessels and three whales later the youth crew neared her target. Young Endeavour wrestled with massive winds the whole way pushing us slightly north of our entrance to Eden’s Twofold Bay. This meant Captain Pete and his crew had to Beat the Wind in order to safely sail to anchorage. Five tacks later and the Ship was struggling to make it home on time. Plan B was set into action and with the help of Capt in Gav and his two massive engines plus the youth crew quickly on to the sails, Young Endeavour anchored safely by 2pm. Just one hour short.Overall Command Day was a huge success. Despite falling short of our target by a mere 2.2 nautical miles, all involved from chefs to watch leaders down to Indians (as uncle Gav) likes to call them really pulled through and we are all extremely proud and overwhelmed with our sense of achievement.From Pete and Mitch we are extremely proud of the youth crews involvement and cooperation we could not have achieved it with out you all. Its been an incredible privilege to be given the opportunity to be captain of such an amazing ship and crew��.Off turns!!Mitch and Pete.Hey everyone that’s following our journey its around 9pm on day 9 and I’m pretty dam tired and missing my bed, four pillows, beer and doggies so much right now. As far as sleep goes I have been getting very little sleep having difficulty trying not to fall out and fit in my rack which is made for short people lol. I have been a little crook with�.. yes dad you have guessed it sore glands and an ear-ache but we are anchored at Eden right now so will hopefully get some sleep before my watch that starts at 2am. As you can see from previous posts command day was a blast and I am having fun but at the same time I am looking forward to coming home. I miss you guys heaps and cant wait to get home just to have 5 minutes to myself.. definitely a challenge living closely with so many other people that aren’t used to looking after themselves lol� but I have definitely learnt a hell of allot about myself and have lots of stories to tell�.Cant wait to see you guys would kill for a little down time to chillax..Love you all and give the boys a kiss and cuddle for me hope all is well with the house and I shall see you at the airport� is Beni coming too?? Anywho I will call around 11am on Thursday morning to sort out the details of being picked up and to hear some familiar voices so look out peps I shall be on a calling rampage.Love bunches Carolyn xoxoxoxoI have been examining the coast of NSW in great detail. It truly is an interesting, mesmerising sight.Lobo LocoHello every one!!As you would have read up there^^^^ the youth crew commandeered the ship from the staffies for 24 hours and managed to sail it very successfully to Eden. Yes it is true, we had basically no help from the staffies and we ran it all on our own. The team work and leadership shown from everyone was absolutely fantastic, and the feeling when we anchored in Eden this morning is way too hard to describe!!We are all still having a fantastic time aboard here, all pulling our weight, but having a few good laughs as well. We have been getting a bit of free time too, but we always sleep during that because we have been working sooo hard!! Been battered and bruised a hell of a lot as well, but still smiling.One of the challenges that we faced was early yesterday, Captain Gav went ashore and hid the co-ordinates and information that we needed to sail away from anchor. A very brave crew, Richard, Leigh, Nina, Jasmine, Kate and myself paddled 500 meters to shore to collect the info. This was not helped by Paige and Jazz thinking that it would be a great idea to use the motor on their little boat to splash us, and then throw flour on us ha ha ha not!! We got our little boat ashore no problem, managed to run the length of the beach (you should be proud of that dad) get the info and then row back to the ship against the current without capsizing! lots of praise when we got back off the other crew members, and don’t worry we got Paige and Jazz back with the fire hose and other things which was very amusing if I don’t say so myself!Last few days left, which is a bit confronting because I just want it to last forever, ahh well you cant have everything in life.Well until Thursday at 1000 hours I guess this is it, im very proud at what we have all managed to achieve, the physical and mental challenges have been great and I have pretty much enjoyed every bit of this voyage, even the watches during the nights and early mornings when is below zero and the wind is bitter!Looking forward to seeing you all soon, missing you a lot and also looking forward to a good night sleep!Love you all lots and lotsMiley (Hannah W) 


37°5's / 149°52'e


Currently at anchor in Twofold Bay and experiencing very cold 10-15kt SW winds