Captain's Log
27 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Command Day Part 2 from Youth Crew Captain Jim.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOG PART 2Stop your fretting we made it safe and sound with no youth over board and the ship still in fine shape.At 0030 it was time for the second command team to take the helm. At this stage we were doing and steady 6-7 knots. We continued sailing through the night keeping sharp port and starboard lookouts to avoid any collision with other vessels. As morning drew closer the winds started to fade, which was not in our favour. By about 0700 we still had 20 miles to our anchorage point in order to complete task 1. Captain Gav was briefed and he gave us the all clear to start up the engines and stoke the boilers until we were doing 6 knots. At this speed it was estimated by our navigators we would arrive at anchorage at 1030. As we drew closer to our anchorage our engines were shut down and we then had the challenge of dropping anchor under sail.The final few challenges were completed including our beach assault team, rowing to shore to claim a piece of Australia for the youth crew of 18/08.The time came at 1230 to hand back the ship to the staff with all the youth crew feeling a sense of pride for achieving all of their goals.Command day was an outstanding opportunity to see how we all work as a team and how we can use our lessons learned in everyday life.CheersCaptain Jim.Messages from all the Youth Crew�.To Tara and all the rest of my family, I love you all and I look forward to seeing you when I get home. Love, Matt.Hey man, told you I would. Miss you, Jordy xxxHi all, only a few kilometres away, still having a mad time. See youse all soon, love Georgy. 


34°47's / 138°28'e


Currently at anchor of North Haven Marina and enjoying light NW winds with a .5m swell.