Captain's Log
1 December 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached the second Captains Log for the Youth Crew Command Day.Yours AyeCaptain GavCommand Day Part 2The command of the young endeavour was handed over at 2230 from Captain Amy to Captain Alex. We (the CO’s) had a brief meeting where I was lucky to get some very useful advice off Captain Amy. We were very lucky to be able to learn from her, especially what went well and what needed some working on.We had some nice strong winds during the night, unfortunately they were coming from completely the wrong angle. The wind was trying to blow us towards the east side of Tassie but our destination was not Hobart this time, so after sailing at a measly 4 – 6 knots for a few hours we decided to ask Gav if would could use the engines. Gav thought it was a rather good idea, so the engines were turned on and we picked up knots and off we went. I needed some sleep so I left the Helm in the capable guidance of Sail Master Phil and Navigator Guy and the other youth crews on watch.The seas were rather rough last night and at some stages I thought the worst but the Young Endeavour held true and we came through the morning to a beautiful Tasmanian dawn. At 0730 breaky was made ready by our wonderful Chefs, Myals, Kirsten and Jarred. Then we had morning brief with Phil. Matts wonderful news paper article about Australias big attractions (e.g Big Prawn) had an unfortunate accident and was pulled overboard by a freak gust of wind. Man over board was called but the news paper article could not be rescued and moral hit an all time low. Phil ran us through a very invigorating African war cry and we all hit the cleaning stations with an unnatural zest.We made excellent time to our way point, too excellent in fact, and we had to turn around and wait for a rather large freighter to go through the heads. After coming in behind the freighter we found a suitable place to anchor and prepared to go to Seahorse World. Seahorse World was a rather educational and fun. I learnt the Seahorses don’t sleep� how messed up is that?!We headed back to the ship after having a quick sortie around Beauty Point then we handed the ship back to the staff and Captain Gav. We are currently watching a movie about an old tall ship that went around Cape Horn.Tomorrow we are going to host a half day sail for young Australians with disabilities. Our time is coming to an end I am sure everyone will be sad when we have to leave and return to our normal lives. I am sure that I speak for all of us when I say that we have all learnt a lot and are grateful for our time aboard.Love to everyone’s families from the Youth Crew and the Young Endeavour Crew.All the best.Captain Alex 


41°7's / 146°48'e


Currently at anchor at Clarence Point (Tamar River) and experiencing very light NE winds.