Captain's Log
2 May 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Command Part 2Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY VOYAGE 3-09CAPTAINS LOG PART 2So we managed to keep the ship in the Youth Crew’s hands overnight, the next battle� Tackling the tasks that were set by the Senior Crew. With a few that we had already achieved in the first 12 hours, the rest were going to be a challenge.Task 1: Follow the course, which we can say that we did achieve.Task 2: Conduct an entertaining morning brief. This is where the youth command crew took over what the plans for the day were, including where we had travelled from & where we were heading while letting everyone know the weather conditions for the day. We managed to make Horto chuckle with a few gags so we could then tick that one off our list.Task 3: A themed lunchtime meal. This task being a challenge for the chefs. They had decided that we had to dress up in the opposite genders clothing or speak in a foreign acceint if not, forfeit our meal. Everyone obliged & some great photos were along with a great meal was the prize.Task 4: Having as many sails set as possible, achieved within the first hour of taking command.Task 5: Conduct a knot tying demonstration with as many knots as we could find. Tick.Task 6: We could not forget our morning cleaning duties to keep the ship in top shape. For bonus points cleaning all the brass on the upper & lower deck. This exercise was conducted under tight supervision by Captain Mighty Miko. Completed, now just waiting for the demonstration of the firing of the canons which was our reward.Task 7: Singing the National Anthem in not 1 but 5 different tunes, some of these melodies included Working Class Man & Gilligans Island.Task 8: Create a chalk mural on the upper deck. All hands on deck with another one to tick off our list.Task 9: Climbing aloft (up the mast & onto the yards) with a minimum of 21 youth crew. With some kind coaxing to a few crew we managed to get all 24 members up. Great team effort.These were only some of the tasks that were set upon us while operating the ship. All in all as a team we did a magnificent job. However none of this could be achieved if we didn’t all work as a one. I’m sure we can all say that we have a great team on board & have all leant a lot about ourselves & each other that we did not expect when stepping on the ship only 1 week ago.One of the highlights of the 24 hours was that we had the ship for a whole 26 hours. Gav & the crew enjoying the weather & sailing to much to want to take the ship back.Finally we anchored at Kingston Beach Tasmania at 1530 this lovely afternoon. Everyone tired, hungry & wanting sleep, we can say that Youth Crew 3/09 DID IT AS A TEAM! We could not have got through any of this without each & every person involved. An amazing opportunity that we will all take away with us for the rest of our lives, a memory that will never fade & forever be something to look back on with pride when a new challenge is thrown our way.So that brings a close to our command day. The “real” crew have now taken the ship back working the youth crew to the bones, but not before a good feed & rest to prepare for our Wooden Boat Festival Parade of Sails up the Derwent River. Which will be just one more highlight to add to the voyage.So for the last time, The Youth Crew are saying good night. Lets hope that voyage 4/09 can give us a run for our money.YC 3/09 out. 


42°54's / 147°20'e


Currently at anchor in Sandy Bay and experiencing moderate southerly winds.