Captain's Log
25 January 2010


Hi EveryoneUnfortunately for the Youth Crew the wind moderated to less than 5kts just after midnight so they had no alternative than to request the use of engines to reach their final waypoint. This request was approved and at 0115 this morning Young Endeavour entered Sydney Harbour and proceeded to anchor in Hunters Bay and by doing so reached the Youth Crews final Command Day navigation waypoint. Throughout the early hours of the morning the Youth Crew continued to complete their outstanding tasks and by the time the Ship was handed back to the Staff Crew at 1000 most tasks had been achieved. With the Staff Crew now back in charge orders were given to weigh anchor and the Ship departed Hunters Bay and proceeded alongside at Fleet Base East berthing at 1100. Once alongside garbage bins were emptied, stores embarked and a good wash-down completed in preparation for Australia Day. This afternoon we gave the Youth Crew a well earned rest period so that they could recover from the sleep deprivation that they had experienced during the previous 24 hours. At 1430 Young Endeavour departed her berth and proceeded to anchor in Athol Bay. Later this afternoon with everyone well rested and the ship safely at anchor we conducted a facilitated debrief of the Command Day and discussed a number of key lessons learnt throughout this activity which can be taken away and used in everyday life. This evening following dinner we held a slide show on deck which gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on their experiences over the past 9 days. On completion of this slide show the ship reverted to anchor watches for the evening so that everyone can get a good nights rest in preparation for tomorrows Australia Day celebrations.Tomorrow will see Young Endeavour participate in a number of Australia Day activities on the magnificent Sydney Harbour. These activities will include the Tall Ships Parade of Sail, Tall Ship Race and to complete the day we will enter Cockle Bay at 1800 tomorrow evening were we will provide a backdrop for the evening’s fireworks.Please find attached a number of Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew of Voyage 02-10.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG PART 2Ahoy there everyone in Canberra!! Having a great time aboard so far and looking forward to our involvement in Australia Day celebrations on Sydney Harbour tomorrow. I have many stories to tell and photos to share with you. If I start heaving in ropes and turning the winch on the washing line when I return, I’m not crazy, just reminiscing about this amazing voyage! Steve BHey hey, glad that command day is finished and I can start to recoup some of the sleep that has been snatched over from it. Having an amazing time out on the high seas (read: the Tasman Sea) and looking forward to getting amongst the Australia Day celebrations tomorrow�.possibly from the topgallant!!!!! Cheers Chris!!!!!!!!!Guess what guys?? Yes, I am still alive! Having a great time on board & looking forward to celebrating Australia day in style tomorrow. See you all soon. TC LauraHi Albury! I can’t wait for tomorrow, a boat race and fireworks in Sydney. It will be a good send off of a last day on board. I have been so sleep deprived. Missing everyone at home so much! Thankyou Legacy for this adventure. It’s been amazing. Phi. MHey all, I’m sure you’ve been missing me, tomorrow should be smszing, we’ll be out on the harbour for Australia day, it will be the perfect way to cap off such an amazing voyage. We have faced so many challenges both as a crew and as individuals, words really can’t do justice. I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep when I get home, and not being woken up every four hours! Thanks heaps to Captain Gav and all the staffies (especially Taffy and Snowy, White Watch Pride!!!) See you all on Wednesday! Michael (ex Sail-Master)We are anchored in Sydney Harbour for our 9th sleep on board. It’s very frustrating so close to everyone I miss. Happy Australia Day – wave to us! Pip (ex Watch Officer)Tonight we have an amazing view of Sydney Harbour, bring on Australia Day! Time onboard has gone so quickly but I’m missing everyone heaps. I never thought after 9 days I could sail a ship like this. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Adelaide soon! Shell (don’t forget the 29th!)Hi team Ballarat, just looked out the porthole and the opera house is right there. Its going to be a good Australia Day!! Missing you all, see you all after a massive sleep on Wednesday!! Rachael ex Watch leader (the person that yells)Newcastle, Leroy will be Missing In Action for Australia day 2010, However I will be sailing in Sydney harbour for Aus day. AMAZING. I am peeling from my chronic sunburn, I expect everyone in Newcastle to have the same to make me feel normal. A huge thanks to CBA for sponsoring me on this voyage, the skills and life lessons learnt have been equal to none. Forever grateful. Flashing black markers – LeroyHello, well the voyage is nearly over. But this once band of strangers from all walks of life have grown into a well tuned team, not just any team, team “Youth Crew”. We have had a number of challenges and surprises along the way some of which more enjoyable than others but all together one of the greatest and rewarding adventures I have had yet, I have thoroughly enjoy every minute off it!!! But wait its not over yet Australia day in Sydney harbour I bet will be one of the highlights, not that it has all been AWSOME!!! Thank you very much to the Capitan Gav and all the crew, without your brilliant and all individual personalties the voyage may have been very different. Thank you!! Alex Warren ( ex-watch leader).Hey hey!!!! Well, the adventure is almost at its end. We have all had an amazing experience while living in close quarters and learning new skills. My most exciting and fulfilling part of the voyage was navigating the ship from Botany Bay on a northern route into Sydney Harbour. We arrived in the early hours of the morning and dropped her anchor right on target. Thanks for everyone on Voyage 2/10 for making this a once in a lifetime experience. Jarrod Nikolsky “NIKO”�.. (EX NAVIGATOR)�..Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!! Sad to say but my time here on the young endeavour is almost at an end. There have been so many amazing experiences on this voyage and I want to thank everyone who made it possible, you all have been truly accepting and it has made my time on board so much easier to adapt to. Highlights include the rope swing, seeing wild dolphins and being part of the beach assault team (BAT). Thanks to all the staff that pushed me to my limits and then some but made the voyage exciting and fun. I have learnt a lot about myself and others and will take away some truly worthwhile life lessons. Once again, thank you for making this an extremely memorable voyage. Forever greatful, Alice “A-List” DrescherHi everyone, well the Young Endeavour ride is sadly two days from over and it’s been an awesome experience. The mix of people from so many different locations in Australia has made for a very interesting mix of people making up the youth crew. The last 9 days have been truly memorable and will stick with me and my fellow crewmembers for the rest of our lives. Highlights of the trip have definitely not been few and include climbing up the mast to the ludicrously high topgallant sail. Dolphins and ridiculously good food have been a regular occurrence onboard and the best is yet to come as we sail through Sydney harbour tomorrow as part of the Australia day celebrations. It’s been an amazing experience and thanks goes out to fellow staffies and youth crew for helping the trip be the best it could be for everyone. Lachie Tucker �..(EX WHITEWATCH LEADER)�..  


33°50's / 151°14'e


Currently at anchor at Athol Bay and enjoying light NE winds with nil swell.