Captain's Log
26 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Command Day is now well underway with the Youth Crew taking command of the Ship at 1245 today. One of the tasks to be completed over the next 24 hours is for the Youth Crew Captains to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached the first entry from Youth Crew Captain Matt.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 18/08The youth crew have taken over the Young Endeavour!On awaking this morning there was great surprise to see what was an absolutely beautiful day, the skies were clear, the sun was shining, and to top it off their was a sensational barbecue breakfast ready to be eaten. Not only this but it was Command Day and the 27 youth crew were busily preparing to take over the helm of the ship.The day then started off with the ship’s usual routine and then at the turn of 1230 hours, control was given to our two captains for the day Jim and Matt and the fantastic crew of voyage 18/08 to sail from Eastern Cove, Kangaroo Island to Port Adelaide. During our 24 hours in control of this wonderful ship a set of challenges have been given to our crew, the aim is to complete these challenges during our 24 hours in control. These challenges are well on their way to completion.Anchor was hoisted at approximately 1530 and the sailing started off very slow, with little to no wind, clear blue skies and barely a ripple in the ocean. After a few hours though the assistance of the engines were used to move the Young Endeavour out of Eastern Cove and we were away. Since then we have tracked very well towards our anchor destination in Port Adelaide and our fantastic Navigators for the day have kept us well on course to make the journey by the time we hand the helm back at 1230 tomorrow the 27th November.It is getting close to what has been an absolutely amazing journey for all those involved, everyone is enjoying themselves immensely and it will be sad to see it come to an end however, being trusted to take control of the Young Endeavour is an amazing feeling for all of the youth crew and before long we will be arriving at our final destination with a sense of great accomplishment.From all the Youth Crew we wish to say a special hello to all our families and friends and we look forward to seeing you all soon.Kindest Regards,Captain Matt. 


35°34's / 138°2'e


Currently NW of Cape Jarvis and Experiencing moderate NW winds with a 1m swell