Captain's Log
1 November 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,YOUNG ENDEAVOUR was officially handed over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 01/09 at 1030 this morning for their 24 hour Command Day. One of the many tasks to be completed during this period is for the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached the Captains Log for tonight written by Youth Crew Captain Amy.Yours AyeCaptain GavWow� what an interesting day it has been. We started off announcing the command crew for the next 24 hours. We received our orders at 10:30 this morning and we were set to weigh anchors; until we realised that our navigational coordinates were on the island, so everything was put on hold and a crew went ashore. Once the national anthem was sung very out of tune and our directions were located it was all back on board to weigh anchor again!! Finally away�(much to the staffs relief), with very little wind we were granted the use of the engines for one hour only to discover that once the engines stopped we didn’t gain any ground due to lack of wind and no sails up. We were able to gain a great view of Flinders Island as we swayed closer and for those who did not climb Inner Sister Island were able to see the other side�Minor problems!!! (We are all still alive and safe). After a fantastic wear (or a doughnut as some preferred to call it) we are finally heading in the right directions (to Tassie)!! The food as been wonderful� our gourmet chefs have been whipping up a storm. Chad may have to start looking for another job shortly at the rate they are going. With full stomaches, morale is high. There are a few tired, battered and bruised bodies but all loving the experience. Who could complain when we are currently sailing at 5.5 knots somewhere in the Bass Strait.Stay tuned for the next captains log. Love to everyone from the youth crew on the Young Endeavour.Captain Amy Reade 


40°9's / 147°27'e


Currently 20nm to the west of Flinders Island and experiencing 20kt westerly winds with a 1-2m SW swell.