Captain's Log
28 May 2010


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Command Day. At 1400 today I officially handed YOUNG ENDEAVOUR over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 08/10. Over the next 24 hours they will complete a wide variety of tasks including sailing and navigating the Ship from Port Stephens to Newcastle. It will give all of them the opportunity to put all of the new skills that they have learn’t over the past 8 days to good use. One of the many tasks to be completed during this period is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow.Please find attached the first log entry for tonight from Youth Crew Captain Kerri.Until Tomorrow, Take Care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGVOYAGE 08/10The Youth Crew has officially taken control of the Young Endeavour. Spirits are high and costumes creative in pirate theme. We will be setting sail at midnight sharp, out of Nelson Bay and bound for Newcastle. With a list of tasks to be completed over the 24 hour commando day, we have already placed a few ticks on the sheet. A group of enthusiastic youth crew pirates rounded strangers on the shore to sing the nation anthem and broadcast the anthem back to the ship for all to hear. All but one youth crew member climbed aloft, some sitting on the highest sail on the ship while the remaining pirate captured the Kodak moment. Our three youth crew chefs gave our tastebuds a treat serving delicious main meals and dessert. We are hoping sea sickness has subsided for all crew members at this stage of the voyage and the meals are kept down when we hit the high seas. We are looking forward to a successful journey. Sugar is bound to be our best friend to get us through.Captain Kerri 


32°42's / 152°8'e


Currently at anchor in Nelsons Bay and enjoying light NE winds with nil swell.