Captain's Log
29 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Captains Log from the Youth Crew Command Team.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGVOYAGE 07/08 BUNDABERG – MACKAYThe Young Endeavour Youth voyage, in my opinion has been nothing short of sensational. I have met many diverse, interesting and entertaining people that I’m sure I will know for years to come. I have not only got to know things about other crew members but also that of myself. I have achieved things I thought were never possible and that alone is priceless. Young endeavour is an invaluable experience of a lifetime.Today is the first day that the youth crew members were handed the keys to the ship and the staff of the young endeavour are able to have abit of a “summer holiday”. We will be in charge for 24 hours and in that time frame will have to complete a set amount of tasks. Every person will have to band together to achieve the mission and I know in the end it will be awesome. The youth crew elected and voted people for the command team last night and overall this proved to work positively. Tensions were slightly high this morning in the initial stages however this was expected as everyone was finding their footing. By midday we were under way, sailing away from our anchorage at middle Percy Island and facing 20 plus knots of wind. After a few initial furling and setting of sails we are now on course and ready for our next waypoint. Tonight is a themed dinner prepared by our elected chefs and the theme is “phat”. This is open to interpretation and I can’t wait to see what happens.So far this has been an amazing, hilarious, awesome, exciting and totally worthwhile experience that I will never forget and I highly recommend it to anyone. Entry by Louise StokesAhoy, its day 8 now and it’s been a unique adventure, which I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Not only has it been fun and challenging, but I discovered how sick the sea can make you and that there is no limit to the amount of times one person can vomit! Although even with this sea sickness I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and am grateful for the skills in teamwork and leadership I have learnt. Entry by; Steph :DAt the start of this voyage, a few of us were feeling some form of sea sickness, whether that being lack of appetite or hurling your guts over the side. At that time the thought of “I can’t wait for this trip to be over” might have crossed a few people’s minds. NOW the thought is “I really don’t want this trip to end”. I have had the time of my life and I would recommend this trip to anyone. The youth crew are nothing but remarkable. We have all made some fantastic friends and I believe that we will endeavour to remain in contact. Finally, Ranga wishes to say ‘Hi’ to his mum and dad and also I better also say hi to my folks and people back home. Entry by Cameron Bull.A shout out to the cooks (Richard, Bronte & Michael) on command day who at the time of writing this are doing a fantastic job catering for all us hungry sailors. Also a special thank you for the people that volunteered as dish pigs (Tiarne, Ben & Steve), it’s not the nicest of jobs, but you did it anyway.Everyone has put in so much effort these past 10 hours and it makes the world of difference. The teamwork demonstrated a few minutes ago in clewing the course with winds up to 40 knot bullets, with waves crashing upon us showed that any feat is possible when we work together.To find out the directions we had to sail on command day we were required to send a BAT (Beach Assault Team) ashore. This involved rowing approximately 300 metres into shore, in heavy currents with the staffies doing donuts around the boat in their very fast rib, resulting in very wet rowers who were more determined to find the coordinates that we had to sail masked by a riddle Entry by Lou and CamHey Everyone!!I’m having the best time and I’ve made loads of new friends! Missing you all heaps though and can’t wait to see you again. At the moment we have gale force winds – having trouble staying on my seat! It’s all very exciting Lots of LoveChristie xxAhoy there!Were all having a blast. 


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