Captain's Log
17 July 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Finally this morning the weather cleared and everyone awoke to a fine Whitsunday morning. Following morning brief and happy hour (cleaning stations) I conducted my Command Day lecture which was immediately followed by the YC Command and Command team selections. At 1100 the elected Captains announced their Command teams and were presented with their command day instructions. They immediately went into a planning phase and utilized their time exceptionally well to prepare for the daunting responsibility of taking command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. At 1400 the telescope of challenge was handed to the two YC Captains and they officially took charge of the crew and the Ship. After another short planning phase the new Command Team deployed the Beach Assault Team (BAT) ashore to Long Island to raise the ANF, sing the National Anthem and claim the beach for the Youth of Australia. Once this was achieved the BAT returned onboard and instructions were given to weigh anchor. At 1700 the Youth Crew Command team gave staff the 30 minute warning to weigh anchor and at 1730 the YC achieved a sail away from anchor and departed Happy Bay. Command Day is now well underway and one of the tasks is for the YC Captains to write the Captains Log for this evening and tomorrow. Please find attached Captains Log for the first 12 hours of Command Day from YC Captain Nathan.Yours AyeCaptain Gav Its 2000hrs on Command Day and we have just weared the ship through the wind. Now we are heading 070 and doing a slow but steady 2.6kts on the starboard tack with 12kts of wind. We have just furled the topsail and are preparing to set the jib. We currently have the forestaysail, main staysail and the main sail set. Hopefully the jib will give us a tad more speed. Since I began this entry was have actually tacked the ship and are now heading 350 with the wind nearly right on the stern. So we have people on the yards preparing the square sails for setting. Hopefully that should get us moving along to reach out way- point on time.However despite our modest speed we are making some headway. We are putting into practice the 8 days of training and knowledge that our outstanding Young Endeavour Staffies (especially Paul) have passed onto us. I would like to take the opportunity to whole heartedly thank the Staff Crew for their patience, time and effort. These people have been able to make every aspect of the voyage as fun and as safe as possible.I am elated to have been selected by my fellow Youth Crew Members to Captain the ship for the first 12 hours of command day. Hence I would like to use my Capatin’s Log entry to also thank my fellow Youth Crew. All of who I will miss once this once in a life time voyage furls sails for the final time. Stay tuned for Captain Abe who take over the role at 0200 tomorrow. Tally ho,Captain Nathan. RegardsGav


20° 20' South / 148° 53' East


Currently under sail in the Whitsunday Passage and experiencing light 5-7kt SE winds.