Captain's Log
18 August 2009

Command Day Mk One

Good Evening Shipmates,This afternoon I handed command of YE to YC 11. James was their elected Captain and his log entry is below.Fingers crossed for a successful Command Day experience.yours ayeAndrew ‘Gunna’ RourkeCommanding Officer’Carpe’ Diem’ After elections last night, I found myself utterly flattered to have been voted in for position of captain. Whilst I’m proud to hold the position, it has been obvious to me that no single person on this ship could operate without the entire team. The remaining team of officers were elected to cries of congratulations, though, unfortunately, there was no time for celebrations as we snuck off to steal a few hours sleep before night watches. Unable to sleep after guts watch (0000-0400), I got out of bed to a somewhat mixed array of expressions as we undertook our normal routines of devouring a scrumptious breakfast, chuckling at morning briefs, treasuring 90 second showers and happily (?) cleaning our ship!The morning passed smoothly as we awaited the 1300 changeover to command day ��� somehow though, the awaited moment seemed to come all too quickly! Feeling ill prepared yet youthfully confident, I took charge of our commands from Captain Gunna at 1300 and found myself in possession of the ships spy glass just in time for a fly by from the RAAF! Our expectations soared with the plane overhead as we perused our list of tasks and navigation plan for our special day. Challenges quickly began piling up and the demands of being an officer become suddenly real. I’m sure the real challenge would have been for the watch crew as they battled to stay patient under our unusually indecisive leadership!Anyhow, the evening seems to have flown by all too quickly as a typically beautiful afternoon of dolphins, postcard sunsets, gourmet meals and fine sailing disappeared into another starry night. This trip has been full of these perfectly surreal moments but there was definitely a difference today. Perhaps it was the fact that we were charged with responsibility or perhaps we’re almost delirious from lack of sleep but I know for each of us, an inner glow existed just whispering that for each of these moments, we were heart and head of this ship. We were the youth charged with this truly unique responsibility and no matter the challenges ��� we will endeavour. On behalf of the Young Endeavour Youth Crew V11/09,James Robert Keane (Youth Crew Captain)


10° 46' South / 133° 1' East


Co 300, Sp 6, Wind 120 / 18 kts