Captain's Log
21 October 2016


Ahoy Shipmates,Please find attached Captains Log narrative from Youth Crew Captain PhilYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log6/02/2008The First 12 hours of command day!!!At 10am today Captain Gav handed the keys for the Young Endeavour over to the new Captains Beth and Phil; who were ably assisted by sail masters Connor and Lachlan and the new Navigators Simone and Laura.The basic brief was to sail from Jervis Bay to Port Jackson (Sydney) in the 24 hours of command.The days started with a glorious sight; the sun! It was the first sighting for the Young Endeavour for quite some days and it brought a fresh smile to everyone’s faces to wake up early knowing the sky was blue and the sun was shining!After the morning orderlies and the handover of captains it was promptly decided that a swim was in order, the crew enjoyed a quick swim in the sun. This did not last long as we needed to get the endeavour out of anchor to start completing the 15 tasks assigned by the staff.The first challenge was to get the sails set and the ship on course. This proved difficult with light winds of only 6 knots, but we were soon underway. Our first tack was slow and clumsy, with people missing from their posts due to command day responsibilities; it took some time to fill the holes they left. By tack number three these hole were well filled and we had tightened our tacking time significantly.We finally got out of the heads of Jervis Bay and began to head north. This proved more than difficult with a North Easterly breeze pushing us south. We soon found ourselves further south (the wrong way) than expected and finally had to resort to using the engines to fight the wind. We are now heading north under engines wrestling the wind, rain and swell. Many members of crew are now under the spell of sea sickness and struggling to complete an already difficult task. We will power on through the night and hope to make good time into Sydney!With love,PhilActing Commanding Officer!


35°2's / 151°1'e


Currently motor sailing on a course of 015 Speed 5.6 kts. Wind is from the north at 18-23kts.