Captain's Log
25 June 2010

Command Day is underway

Command Day is underway so I will now hand over to Captain Rory and his motley YC 10/10.Aaaargghh a’hoy there ��_ Captain Rory here reporting here on the first ten hours of command day! Firstly, congratulations to those who were elected in the following roles: CO Rory; SM Benny; Nav Heather; WO Biff, Jason * and Shane; WL Jack, Katie, Mel; Chef Ash, Jarrad and Jason; and the BAT Amanda, Peta, Zoe, Joleta, Skye, Rebecca, Daniel and Irene.That said, the votes were really tight and we are all working together to achieve our main goal. Joel attempted to teach us more about navigation using the sextant, however, the crew were quickly distracted with the opening of the swimming pool! With armed guards on watch we swung from the rope attached to the course yard and the crew were entertained by some painful looking entries. After the official hand over we got to work. The beach assault team (BAT) rowed to shore in record time to discover our treasure (aka the coordinates). The nava-guesser had a guess and was wrong, however figured it our in due course. Good thing we were not moving. We had to start the engines because our prayers to Brother Nuttsie had failed and the wind gods had blessed us with no wind whatsoever. 20 mins later we got some wind��_ Have to stress the some, and decided to turn off the engines and set the sails. We are now speeding ahead at 1.9 knots with our checkpoint completed in true style. A big congratulations to the crew, especially nava-guesser for getting us within 20 yards of the set checkpoint. Some of the crew have requested a shout out so here we go. I am just going to type what they wrote so if it doesn’t make sense it’s not my fault.Hi, its Dougy here. I would like to say that I am having the time of my life. I would just also like to wish my mum Happy Birthday for yesterday I’m missing everyone and will see you all soon.Hey everyone its Bec here, well I have learnt that I can live over a week without my straightener. Unlucky for you mum I didn’t throw up so you will have to pay up! For command day I am in the BAT (Beach Assault Team) and we rowed to shore this morning, taking us about an hour. It was fun but exhausting, I am going to be so Buff! I can’t wait to get home and have a shower that exceeds 90 seconds. I’m missing you so much Hayden.Hi it’s Zoe here, just shouting out to the family and friends. I hope everyone is good, miss you guys. I’m having heaps of fun, I’ve climbed to the top (Yeah that’s right mum I win the bet) and my muscles are growing ( Kate you would be proud of me, Holly watch out). Stac, Ash, and Carl I expect to hear all the goss when I get back home and Liam I miss you heaps and I can’t wait to see you. Anyways tell you all about my awesome adventure soon love you all lots.Hey it’s Biff here. Just thought that I would give a shout out to all my family and friends and say that miss them all heaps, can’t wait to get back but I also want to stay on here. Dad believe it or not I actually kinda miss you but I gotta tell you that theres plenty of staffies that make up for your horrible sense of humour. Well I better get going so I will see you all next weekJust from me now. Hey to the Abbey and the family. I’m having a ball hope everything is great at home. Ab please don’t forget to pay my rego!!!Rapping it all up, for beginners I think we are doing really well. We are all being flexible and trying our best. The only thing I could ask for is some more wind. We have 3 check points left and should hopefully sail into our second at around 3am. But unless the wind changes I highly doubt it.Captain RoryCarpe’ Diem


24° 53' South / 153° 2' East


Co 280 Sp 2 Wind SE 5-10 kts