Captain's Log
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
15 March 2018

Command Day Eve

Ahoy there, Welcome to day seven of our voyage. We awoke after a peaceful night at sea. The wind averaged 15 kn from the south and the swell was less than 1 metre, mostly from behind us. Everyone slept well after the busy day at King Island yesterday. We awoke in the morning to a warm overcast day and the sight of the Victorian coast either side of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. Following another entertaining morning brief Engineer Brett and I conducted Captains Setting and Furling Drills and it was very pleasing to observe the high standards of all three watches as they successfully completed this important activity  Lunch followed then we went straight into round 3 of Rope Races, while the Staffies piloted the Ship into through The Rip into Port Phillip Bay and then to Geelong via the western channel. En route we conducted Demonstrational Tacks during which six youthies at a time came to the bridge to witness what happens there when we tack or wear ship. We anchored at 1815 and had a BBQ dinner on deck shortly afterwards. After cleaning up from dinner I gave the youth crew the Command Day / Command Day Elections brief. The crew then had an hour to conduct their elections. Youth Crew Captain Sierra McMahon Thompson came to see me at 945 pm with the results. We then screened the movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ in which Captain Irving Johnston tells of his adventures sailing in the great Barque ‘the PEKING’. We will remain at anchor overnight and tomorrow I will hand the ship over to the Youth Crew for what will be a challenging 24hr Command Period. Until tomorrow evening,  Yours aye Captain Mike


38 08.4' S / 144 22.5' E


Weather - overcast, Wind - light and variable, Swell - nil, Temp - 18 deg. C