Captain's Log
13 April 2011


Good Evening Shipmates,I’ll hand over immediately to some of the YC. Needless to say we have had another awesome day.Jade here from Blue Watch. Just want to say hello to Mum and Dad in Miles, and of course Daniel who I miss very much!! So far on this voyage I have had an amazing time (I didn’t get sea sick, YAY!) and it has been a once in a life time experience and something that I will always be able to look back on and say ‘I did it!’ I managed to conquer my fear of heights and have climbed aloft many times now that I actually enjoy it. We have learnt so much that our brains are almost full, but I think we can squeeze in a little more. It’s not long now until we all go our different ways but I think I can say that we are all going to remember this experience with very fond memories of both the youth crew and of course the staffies, especially the 6.30am wake up calls, singing ‘Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere�..’. I think we all have that song permanently imprinted in our brains.G’day mum and dad and all the family I’m missing you immensely but then I start doing something on the ship and completely forget about ya. Nahhhhh just kidding love you all, cant wait to see you in Mackay. Though I wish this would never end, all of the island hopping has been amazing, all the swimming in clear water deserted beaches on islands far far far away from orange NSW. I still cant escape my nickname of Buble [Michael Buble] and I can be spotted singing around the ship doing well shippy stuff love ya all. don’t worry be happy (bob marley)Hey its Richard here. I am having an absolutely wonderful time. I miss the whole family, but I am having the time of my life, and my only regret is not going for the chef position for command day but everything else has been so truly worthwhile. Yesterday we went to the Percy Islands, and I was able to buy some natural honey that is so deliciously amazing I am thinking about moving there. To anyone who reads this the Young Endeavour is one of the greatest experiences you can hope to have. I don’t know if the friends I have made here will last a lifetime, but I want to have a happy one anyway, they are such amazing people that I would never have met if not coming here. It reminds that these people who I met on the first day seemed like normal every day Joes but as I have got to know them I have realized, that there is no such thing and that every person you meet could become such great friends who having such a zest for life if you just have the right circumstances. I would not want a thing different and these memories I will cherish for a lifetime and more.Hi Family, Tania its Mitch!! Having an awesome time on the young endeavour. First day was a bit iffy but after that we all sort of got to know one another and became a pretty awesome team. We had our elections for command day tonight, although didn’t get into anything still pumped for it, we basically all work together anyway. Got a bit seasick on the second night which wasn’t too fun but after that had an absolute ball! Cant stand up straight on land as of yet, tested it at a few exotic beaches where swimming visits occurred, and discovered that I have sea legs but still it’s the best experience ever!. Anyway see you all on Sunday, Mitch.Hi Mum and Dad, and James. Its Elyse here; Im having a great time. We are still at the amazing place we told you about last night. I love it here, it’s so beautiful. We had election night for command day tonight. I got one of the Chef roles. There are three of us cooking meals for 24hrs. I’m very excited about it. I miss you all very much and love you heaps. See you very soon xxKD says hi to her family and Tom but she doesn’t miss you (sorry). She also suggests that Russell sells his motorboat, buys a sailboat, and moves to the Whitsundays. Love.Hey, it’s Ryan. I wish I could say that I’m missing my family and friends but that would be lying. Each day is better and more rewarding than the last. The first couple of days were less than terrific because of some swell, however I soon got over it and the weather went from great to perfect and onwards. Best memory of this trip is going to be sitting under a palm tree with a coconut that I cracked myself, with a light breeze and a flawless sky. All I can say is that it is a terrific trip and could not ask for more!Hi Toni and Hunter! I’ve been having a blast sailing on the STS and I can’t wait to share all the photos with you, I’ve been thinking of you both everyday and I can’t wait to see you both! All the crew have been wonderful and I have been building relationships with everyone on deck. I will have to be short and sweet, much love and only a few days to go! Much love Alex Ribeiro.Hey its todd here. I’m having a good time thinking of sarah every day and mum and dad and green can I really can not wait to get home keen as !! made some friends and caught heaps of squid and fish at night we stayed up till 4 in the morning fishing and had to get up at 6.30 so that was great. see u all when I get home. can’t wait.Dearest Amy, Mum, Ada, Dad & Alyssa. This has been an incredible experience so far. I cannot wait to share my salty seadog tales with ye all! Argh! Love you all. A McNeilly xxWell its Captain Gunna back at the helm. Thanks to all the YC who made some comments. We spent today at sea conducting our final sail training before we returned to our anchorage off Middle Percy Island late this afternoon. We had a quick swim ashore and then back on board for a BBQ dinner before the Command Day elections were held. The YC have selected a strong team and we’ll find out tomorrow how they go.Tomorrow evening you will hear from YC Captain James.Cheers for now.Captain GunnaCarpe’ diem 


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