Captain's Log
10 December 2011


G’daySimply, we have made it to Sydney. YAY! The youth crew worked extremely well together, dealing with appallingly slack wind conditions and constant change of direction with the attitude of a veteran sea crew. As Captain, the many events which occurred (planned and unplanned) were a blur of wind, ropes and incomplete tasks. The Young Endeavour sailed it’s course through the night holding a steady(ish) 170 degrees. The light and inconsistent winds meant a few losses of drive and corresponding mid-sea doughnuts being performed. Luckily, the crew during all the night watches skilfully kept the ship on course until 0600 when all hands were called to tack to 310 degrees to head for our last way point at the entrance to Sydney Harbour.After reaching our final waypoint at 0920, within the 0600-1100 time limit set, the staffies ‘assisted’ with our harbour navigation and anchoring. It was interesting seeing the staff make the seemingly easy task look like rocket-science.Challenges set by staffies for completion meant the organisation of many events throughout the day. Other events in the day included: A colourful chalk mural depicting scenes from the voyage so far.A ‘beach party’ themed lunch which included swimmers and towels decorating crew and ship. Knots were also tied amazingly well by volunteers from the crew.Alex, one of our acting chefs, Birthday was also celebrated with a lovely chocolate cake with sprinkles decorated by Shauna, Alex is now 19, the acting chef loved her Birthday at sea. Also, yesterday was Caitlin’s Birthday, she was distraught she was not mentioned in the log. Caitlin turned 19 and enjoyed chocolate cake with strawberries at Broken Bay.Today we also landed ashore in Sydney in the name of the youth of Australia. An eight crew Beach Assault Team (BAT) rowed approximately 810 meters (according to Sail Master John) to a nearby beach were they were challenged to hoist the Australian flag as high as possible and to recruit locals to sing the anthem as loud as possible. The return of the team marked the end of the youth crews 24 hours of command.We all did an excellent job and tonight we look forward to a movie on deck. We look forward to a beautiful night in Sydney, maybe made better for some people by a night climb to the top of the mast.Two more sleeps and it’s back to dry land and back to the lives we lead just a few days before. We shall return as different people, better people, young people who will never forget a trip that only happens once in a lifetime.I’ve enjoyed watching and helping the youth crew develop as their Captain aboard Young Endeavour. It has been an honour and a privilege.Yours faithfully Youth Captain Tom Price.


33°50's / 151°16'e


2300 at anchor - weather scattered cloud, wind knots, swell nil, temperature 16 degrees, barometer 1020 hpa