Captain's Log
11 March 2010


Ahoy there,Last time I wrote, we were well and truly in Command of the Young Endeavour, I am very happy and (mostly) relieved to be able to inform you that earlier this morning we safely anchored in Mornington. The youth crew were at their true brilliance throughout the night. All hands were required on deck to manoeuvre the ship at 0100 and then again for anchor at 0500. Special mention needs to go out to all the youth involved in safely navigating us through the treacherous shipping channels across Port Phillip Bay.Even though there were some tired eyes though out the day, the youth crew were able to complete the 21 tasks that were given to us by the Staffies during the previous day. Each and every single person in the youth group needs to be congratulated in their efforts though-out the past 48 hours. Even though the crew were exhausted by the end of the voyage, they were still able to dig deep in to reserves to deliver super human efforts once arriving in Mornington to ensure that the entire task list was completed.Besides safe navigation we were required to take over the roles that are usually reserved for the Young Endeavour staff at morning brief. Congratulations to all those that participated. Further we were required to complete additional tasks including launching a beach assault team to paddle out to Mornington. Once the team of six was able to get to shore they were required to get as many members of the general public to join them in singing the Australian National Anthem.Another test for the youth crew was to build a gigantic hammock at midships. The hammock consisted of ropes woven in a ‘spider web’ formation. Congratulations to the people that lead the design and implementation of the ‘web’ formation. The team was able to build a hammock that was able to sustain the weight of the entire youth group.I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 29 youth members aboard this voyage, it was a pleasure to lead them through a cold and icy night in Port Phillip Bay, their efforts and commitment (even in the early hours) made it much easier to accomplish all the tasks required. I would also like to congratulate them on their efforts, growth and development over the past 8 days, some have become true sailors, capable of handling the roughs of Bass Strait and more importantly taking with them added confidence into their lives.As I return the ship to the very safe and capable hands of Captain Damien, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one working at the Young Endeavour, the captain, the crew and all the administration staff for all their efforts in creating an amazing program. It has been a special and unique opportunity for the youth members aboard.We look to dock in Williamstown with mixed emotions, as we have created great friends on the ship as well as look forward to seeing loved ones and solid ground. More importantly we look forward to strengthening the friendships that were created during the voyage in our lives after we dock.Yours SincerelyYouth Captain Aravinda 


38°12's / 145°2'e


2100 at anchor - Weather scattered cloud, Wind Southerly 8 knots, Swell Nil, Temperature 13 degrees, Barometer 1021 hpa