Captain's Log
8 September 2011


Ahoy there everyone, WE MADE IT!!!!! After pushing through some trying weather we made our final waypoint with six minutes to spare, just as planned thanks to Youth Crew Navigator, Amelia! When we left you last night we had just hit a storm that pushed us a little of course resulting in us being a little further south then originally intended. Despite this, after great effort from our Watch Officers, their Watch Leaders and all the Deck Crew we were able to recover from our venture south and complete a two watch wear at 0400. Although we were wet, tired and cold, we all pushed through to successfully get back on course and reach waypoint two at 0925.From here we altered course and travelled 13NM before reaching waypoint three, just outside of the Newcastle Harbour at 1154.On our adventure we successfully completed all twenty-two tasks set for us by the Young Endeavour staff. A highlight amongst these the morning brief that made even Mick, the morning brief judge, laugh. Along the way we had collected a few extra passengers, including Sandy the Sea Wench and a Wookey played by Youth Crew Officers Morgan and Alec at the morning ‘not so brief’ brief.At 1200 we proceeded into Newcastle Harbour with assistance from Young Endeavour staff and at 1300 we formally handed the ship back to Captain Damien ending our 24 hour Command Day, which was as challenging as it was exciting.On behalf of the Young Endeavour Youth Crew, I would like to thank Captain Damien and his crew for the experience of a life time, which we will never forget.Youth Crew Captain TonySarah- It was a great opportunity for leadership experience. Thankyou to the Roasty Toasty crew who worked really hard in terrible conditions for hours when we hit “ The Storm “Josh- Watch Leader, worked hard when needed, slept harder when able. “The Rascals” watch all deserve a medal for their staunch efforts through out command day experience.Brendan – In the middle of lightning, strong winds and heavy seas, all watches stood up tremendously to the challenge of independently sailing a 44 metre, 22 million dollar tall ship. Climbing the 33 metre masts in a rocking and rolling ship above the chaos in the bridge and on deck was an amazing stunt.Amy-Nicole – Wicked experience! Meet new mates! You all made me laugh in your own way, thanks guys and thanks PIA for the inspiration!Alyce- Thanks for the awesome EXPERIENCE and everybody having a positive attitude made the journey really fun I will never forget, one of the best things I have ever done.Matt- If I could recommend anything to anyone, it would be to sail the young endeavour, will never forget. Thanks everyone!Linden – Best thing I’ve ever done! Meet the best mates and do plenty of things you wouldn’t normally do.P.S Mighty Whities !!Alec – This has improved my confidence and the friends I have made will last forever!Steph – Experience I will never forget and made extra special by the people on board.Maggie – An incredible experience! Something I will always remember. I met so many great people and experience so much.Emily – Congratulations and thankyou to all of the fabulous staff members and funky crew for making this oceanic voyage so unique and exciting. One of the most memorable times of me life!Amelia – Best experience of my life to date and one that will continue to inspire me for years to come.


32°55's / 151°46'e


Alongside Queens Wharf, Newcastle - weather isolated showers, wind W 8 knots, swell nil, temperature 10 degrees, barometer 1009 hpa