Captain's Log
26 November 2009

Command Day Complete!

Voyage Log ��� Thursday 26 Nov/ Day 9By Youth Crew Capitano SteveSuccess upon the high seas! The Youth Crew sailed the Young Endeavour to our final destination in Williamstown this morning at 1030. After a long and challenging night – with ever changing or absent winds – the combined efforts and perseverance of the team ensured we arrived here on time. At one point the ship was facing the way we had come with no wind to turn her around and an ever decreasing timeline, however …The hard work wasn’t over once we’d arrived, having to clean the ship and polish the brass in order to be ready to return the ship to the staff. After a few more team-building exercises (including a dubious looking hammock that turned out to be an engineering marvel), the day is ending with a night of entertainment acts performed by the staff and crew. It’s sure to be amusing (the full talents of the staff are soon to be revealed), and another highlight in the overall voyage of this Youth Crew on the Young Endeavour.


37° 51' South / 144° 54' East


NW Winds at 10 knots and 22 degrees. It has been showering at times but fortunately we avoided most of the storm that hit Melbourne today!