Captain's Log
10 November 2011


Arr… ahoy thereIt’s day eight and it’s a big day for the crew of the Young Endeavour. As Captain Damien mentioned in yesterday’s log, we have had a change of command staff and a change of author for this captains log. I look forward to writing the logs for today and tomorrow. For the benefit of those reading this log who are not constantly rocking from port to starboard; the new chain of command is as follows:Captain: TomSail Master: John S.Naviguessor: JessWatch Officers: Jophiel, Bayly, AnnaliseWatch Leaders: Allycia, T.K., MurrayChefs: Shauna, Alex, MorganHawk Watch: Jason, Brianna, Zara, RyanRaptor Watch: Jacob, Sam, Courtney, BenOCCAT Watch: Ty, Callan, Olivia, CaitlinAt 1300 the command was passed to the youth crew. 22 challenges were set to be completed, some more nautical than others. The first was completed with no delay. After a quick brief the youth crew managed to assemble all 24 of themselves across the ship’s three yards. Luckily there was minimal swell in Brisk Bay, which I’m sure was appreciated by the eight crew on the topgallant yard.After having one half of the crew assuming command positions, it was an obvious challenge to successfully tack the ship. Therefore before weighing anchor it was a necessary action to practice a ‘mock’ tack and having the skeleton crew of 15 learn their new rope positions. Directly after, the staff talked the new youth commanders through their weighing anchor drill… and we were off and in command. With only 30 minutes of available fuel we managed to get out to open-ish sea with minimal incidents, not including a small motor boat, which obviously had a death wish and a catamaran which wanted to have it’s two hulls split into four. Both of these were avoided with artful dodging and confidence at the helm, especially by acting helmsman – crewman Ryan. With Fuel cutting out, the crew cheered as the only thing driving the ship forward was the spirit and determination of the crew (wind also helped).It was definitely a challenge from there on. For me, I had to keep the peace between the Navigator and the Sail Master; as course and destination often seemed like chalk and cheese. Our first tack was a great success, with only one line not manned. Luckily the gallant Captain was able to step in and lend a hand.The Next Challenge was a ship, the only ship, a huge ship and it was right in our path. After sailing worryingly straight at the anchored cargo, the decision was made to pass it on our port side. After the Young Endeavour was clear of the cargo we changed our course to 170 deg, as we did not wish to collide the buoy marking the wreck of a Japanese WWII mini submarine. The youth chefs first meal was seamless, with it being hot, plentiful and delicious. Many people had thirds. A late night incident was the only other point of interest, with a false call to tack with an eventual correction back to 170 deg. The night is still young. I need sleep.Youth Captain TomThe following are announcements from the crew:BaylyI’m having a great time and I am hoping you are too because it’s your birthday! Mum if you could pass this on to him and let him know I’m playing nicely with the other kids.CaitlinHey Everyone! I’m having an amazing time on board the Young Endeavour. Today I celebrated my 19th b-day with the wonderful crew of V/17 anchored at Bracker Bay located in NSW. Be home soon! Love Always CaitlinTyDear Chloe, Happy Anniversary, love you babe. Until Tomorrow – Captain Tom Price


33°41's / 151°22'e


2300 at sea - weather scattered cloud, wind SE 5 knots, swell S 0.5m, temperature 17 degrees, barometer 1015 hpa