Captain's Log
26 October 2011


For the next 24 hours “Young Endeavour” is in the hands of the 27 youth crew who have been learning how to sail her over the last 8 days. At 1300 “Young Endeavour” was handed over along with a hat, sword, eye patch, telescope, a parrot and a list of tasks to complete within 24 hours while we are in command.Within an hour we had completed one task, which was to visit a navy base and sing the national anthem, claiming the land for the youth of Australia. It was good to get off to an early start, although when we started sailing the tide was coming in and this forced us to tack many times just to get out of the bay. We have also had to dodge a whale.We are currently sailing around to waypoints in the ocean, we have three more to get to before 0900 tomorrow morning and the crew are working hard and giving up sleep to make it happen. Everyone remains optimistically alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic!Youth Captain James


37°2's / 149°59'e


2100 at sea - weather overcast isolated showers, wind NE 15 knots, swell SE 0.5 metre, temperature 15 degrees, barometer 1026 hpa