Captain's Log
23 November 2011


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day eight at anchor in Carnarvon Bay, the morning commenced at 0630 with another rousing tune from Sail Master Joel. With breakfast, morning brief and happy hour completed two concurrent presentations were conducted covering Celestial Navigation and Meteorology which completed the final theory lessons prior to the Youth Crew assuming command of the ship at 1300.Yours AyeCaptain DamienAhoy there from Youth Captain Kiaran,1300 today saw the Young Endeavour be handed over in entirety from the staff crew to the youth crew. After a rendition of “I’m Going on a Summer Holiday” by the staff, and myself being presented with a suitably nautical hat, sword and pet parrot, the ship was ours. Alas, with 22 tasks given to us to complete within the 24 hours, with the actual sailing to Hobart from Port Arthur being only one.Before we set sail there were two tasks to be completed. One, send an eight-man “Young Endeavour Beach Assault Team” back to Port Arthur and claim it for the youth of Australia by raising the Australian flag and singing the national anthem with as many people as they can muster, and two, construct a rope hammock large enough to support all 27 members of the youth crew! It wasn’t long before the beach team had gathered close to 150 Port Arthur tourists to sing the anthem with great gusto and spirit. This was relayed back to the ship by radio for the entertainment of those left onboard. By the time the beach team returned from their triumph on Port Arthur, the hammock team had strung-up an amazing hammock which fortunately took all of our weight.By 1630, with nav-plans set, we weighed anchor and motored out of Port Arthur for our sail to Hobart. However, putting Tasmania and weather in the same sentence can never bring good results, so our strong 30 knot winds were blowing in the complete opposite direction then the way we needed to head. In fact, if we didn’t have our engines it would have been impossible to even leave Port Arthur in the first place. Although, everything we had learnt over the past week of sailing instruction from our fantastic staff came into its own and as a youth crew, managed to wear the ship through the wind and onto the correct heading. As of now, we are in smooth sailing on course to arrive in Hobart in the morning hours of tomorrow.Until tomorrow eveningYours ayeYouth Crew Captain Kiaran


43°13's / 147°38'e


2300 at sea - weather overcast, wind SE 15 knots, swell SE 1.5 metres, temperature 13 degrees, barometer 1026 hpa