Captain's Log
24 January 2012


Top of the morning to y’all! Today started bright and early at Cottage Point with a bit of mist and cloud hiding surprisingly warm waters. The staffies rigged us a rope swing and both backflips and belly-flops abounded as people made best use of the last of the lull before the storm that is Command Day. After filling our bellies and getting our craft ship-shape with some Happy Hour cleaning, we set sail for Patonga, just inside the heads of Broken Bay. At 1300 Captain Damien handed the Young Endeavour to me and the Command Team, arming us with a three-cornered hat, telescope, and stuffed parrot. With Rosco as our able Sail Master and Nic as Navigator we set a plan for the afternoon’s sailing whilst Watch Leaders, Mon, Jaydon, and Megs, took their new watches through some tacking and wearing drills (that’s what lets us turn the ship). We now have 24 hours to complete 22 challenges, ranging from needing everyone to slip, slop, slap and wrap (no new sunburn), to making our way through a maze of GPS checkpoints, to building a 27-person hammock. With our new watches ready to take to the bridge we began a chalk mural on midships, which was promptly lost overboard to some rather persistent drizzle. At 1500 we were ready to set sail and leave the bay under the engines. Unfortunately the wind decided that the best place for us to go was directly back into the bay, so we struggled along with engines for a little while more, getting a chance to practise our tacking stations for real as we turned the ship south towards Sydney. By 1715 we were ready for a fantastic multicultural dinner, including spaghetti bolognaise, fried rice, and chicken kievs, prepared by our new chefs, Dylan, Mia and Trippy. Not only did this dinner fill our tummies, it also got us to complete our first task. With some tough winds and the East Australia Current conspiring against us, we headed for our first navigational checkpoint and then towards the coast. With some great work from Wind Watch, our new chefs, who thought they were just coming on deck to get some air, and our Watch Officers, Callum, Jo and Pat, we managed to wear the ship without getting anyone extra out of bed. We’re continuing to make good a course that will get us to our new waypoints and our enthusiastic watches have already smashed out 18 challenging knots to complete another of our tasks. Tomorrow morning will see us singing the National Anthem to five new tunes, claiming a piece of land in Watson’s Bay, and celebrating two birthdays onboard. Until then, our crew continue to steer the ship masterfully towards success. Sea you later, Youth Captain Mils


33°39's / 151°21'e


2300 at sea - weather overcast isolated showers, wind light and variable, swell ESE 1 metre, temperature 21 degrees, barometer 1016 hpa