Captain's Log
13 April 2012


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day eight at anchor in Gladstone Harbour, the morning commenced at 0630 with another rousing tune from Sail Master Jordo. With breakfast, morning brief and happy hour completed, our crew member was returned from the Gladstone Hospital after under going observation overnight. This was followed by the Youth Crew electing their Command Team for the next 24 hours.At 1300 with due ceremony I officially passed control of the ship to Youth Captain Angus and his amazing crew. From which point the Staff Crew proceeded on a well deserved holiday.Yours AyeCaptain Damien Now over to the ships new Youth Captain Angus Ahoy there,Day 9 represented the biggest challenge we as the youth crew had yet faced, Command Day. This would entitle the youth crew taking over the ‘Young Endeavour’, while the Staff took a ‘holiday’ and caught up on sleep (while still keeping an eye on safety).Elections were held to decide the positions of;Captain – My self AngusSail Master – LachlanNavigator – AnthonyOfficers of the Watch – Jess, Lachie, NoushWatch Leaders – Zack, Amanda, EmmaChefs – Tom and KattTaking over the ship, came with our sailing orders for day 10, as well as tasks to complete while we remained at anchor in Gladstone Harbour. These tasks included building a hammock for the whole Youth Crew to sleep on and a chalk mural that represented our time on ‘Young Endeavour’. The chefs then produced a delicious meal which was equal to any regular Staff Master Chef Squiz had previously made.The day then concluded with all of the Youth Crew climbing the foremast and having their picture taken from below (another of our tasks). While waiting for everyone to finish climbing, we decided to have a sing along on the yards, with the ‘Banana Song’ and ‘When I Was One’ both being belted out. Warm muffins were then greatly appreciated upon our arrival back on deck, after the freezing conditions aloft.Normal sailing watches will be kept overnight, with the watches continuing to work on the assigned tasks. The plan is currently to weigh anchor in the early hours of the morning and head back into the open sea, to sail around the waypoints prepared by Staff Navigator Ricko.Fair Winds and Full SailsYouth Captain Angus


23°50's / 151°18'e


2200 at anchor - weather scattered cloud, wind S 17 knots, swell nil, temperature 24 degrees, barometer 1025 hpa