Captain's Log
17 November 2010


Young Endeavour – Changing of the GuardWe’ve done it. We’ve taken over the ship. After a week of determined preparation, Captain Damien has at last surrendered his command of Young Endeavour to the Youth Crew. We are now making our way to our final destination, Port Adelaide.We have spent the last seven days preparing for this moment. Each member of the crew has worked hard to learn the ropes (literally), and how to successfully sail as tall ship as a team. In true democratic fashion, the crew conducted elections the previous night to determine our captain, navigator, sail-master, watch officers/leaders and chefs.At exactly 1300, a salubrious ceremony was held to officially hand over command to the Youth Crew’s captain-elect, Mike Thomas. We were then given our list tasks which we set as our goals to achieve during the next 24 hours of our command. This included a collection of 22 activities, varying from the successful navigation of way-points to the development of the voyage mural to be chalked out on deck. We immediately started planning our day in order to achieve as many goals as possible whilst having a good time.The first job was to de-scramble to location of the hidden navigation notes in order to set our course. A group of sleuthing crew-members were allocated to this task. Meanwhile, the Youth Crew Beach Assault Team, also known as BAT, was unleashed onto the unknowing residents of (Edithburgh). Their job was to row to shore, storm the pier, hoist the flag, and enlist as many locals as possible to sing the Australian anthem. This was broadcasted back to the boat with much success.The navigation clues having been found, our navigator, the brave Shannon, set out our course. We then endeavoured to weigh anchor and begin the final leg of our voyage to Port Adelaide and pass through a few way-points along the way. Our savvy sail master, the gorgeous George, gave the commands to set the sails, and we were on our way.We had plenty more to keep us occupied once our course was set. We constructed the mural, costumes for the themed dinner (Mexican!).Having passed way-point numero uno, we are currently running on our own steam, with full sails and good winds, and making good progress to our next way-point. We have a busy day planned for tomorrow, including compiling a presentation of photos, climbing aloft the fore-mast (40 feet high!), and conjuring some extra salty sea-dog tales for the morning brief.The crew is very proud to have to ship completely under their control. It’s incredible to think that just seven days ago we stepped onto this ship with little idea of what lay ahead. Now with nothing more that our sinew and our wits, we have harnessed the power of the wind and are pushing our way through the big pond back home.Ahoy hoy,Youth Captain Mike 


35°4's / 138°8'e


2200 at sea - Weather scattered cloud, Wind SW 15 knots, Swell SW 0.5 metre, Temperature 18 degrees, Barometer 1018 hpa