Captain's Log
1 October 2011


Good evening to all those reading along with the voyage of 24 intrepid sailors of the STS Young Endeavour and her staff crew. This is Captain Xavier reporting in, letting you know that the youth crew of V01/11 have taken command of the ship as of 1300 today and are now sailing along the northern coast of Tasmania, while the staff crew enjoy a well deserved Summer Holiday in weather that only Tasmania could provide, as well as celebrating staff memberJoel’s (apparently) 22nd birthday.The morning started as normal, after anchor watches being completed overnight, we were awoken to the sounds of ABBA, with the youth crew still under the naval command of the Staffies. Morning activities bring a great deal of motivation to us in our sleep deprived state, and we were soon well awake and ready for the day ahead. Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day, and there was no exception this morning, with Snowy cooking and our replacement Chefs up early to help (some earlier than others), the variety of cooked options was met with great gusto.Morning activities were provided for the youth crew, which were much more enjoyable at anchor. The crew were able to sing, receive a demonstration of the origin of 2, 6, heave from the days of Cannons, with Deb acting out the part of the cannon, Nanna also visited, making sure we are cleaning up after ourselves, as well as rope-races which resulted in all watches imitating the Old Spice advert. While other days at sea the crew have joined in these activities in rough swells and on a leaning ship.Once given time to ourselves, the crew became quite restless waiting to be able to given command, waiting in the caf�, playing cards and sing songs to an out of tune guitar, all activities that go hand-in-hand with the youth crew. While a few others used this valuable time to return to their bunks and have a well deserved sleep after a few sleepless nights at sea.The Handover ceremony was conducted within the caf�, as the Tasmanian rain prevented the ceremony occurring on deck, but everyone squeezed in and Captain Damien handed over, quite willingly, control of the ship to the elected Command team with the presentation of orders, the original telescope of the Young Endeavour, but most importantly a Captain’s hat for myself to wear.While the Staffies headed off to the mess to enjoy their holiday, the crew were read their commands, and the Chefs got straight to work cooking a meal that pleased every person on board. The Command team began organising the plan for the next 24 hours and how they would complete their tasks, while the crew mingled with their new watch groups. The crew were quick to reach their first success, with six crew members paddling their way to shore, claiming part of the Tasmanian coastline for all Young Australians with a flag raising ceremony, being radioed back to the ship, before paddling back to the ship.The Young Endeavour set sail this evening at approximately 1900 hours and are sailing west along the coastline, were we hope to drop anchor in the morning at Badger Bay and complete the remaining tasks in the coming evening and morning. As always there have been many stories and memories made today, that I’m sure you will hear all about soon enough, but in the mean time, let me assure you that everyone is safe and enjoying their time onboard.Until tomorrow, safe travelsYouth Captain Xavier 


40°52's / 147°12'e


2300 At sea - Weather overcast isolated showers, Wind E 22 knots, Swell E 1.0 metre, Temperature 16 degrees, Barometer 1019 hpa