Captain's Log
4 February 2011


Ahoy there,Our morning saw us start off with the promise of Walking on Sunshine being played over the main broadcast speakers. After seven days of cloud, rain and general mediocre tropical weather, The Youth Crew could have been forgiven for thinking our luck had finally changed, until we heard Sail Master Tug’s distinctive voice interrupt the song just to let us know that no, we were still to be enjoying our overcast skies and intermittent rain.Once up and about, we were straight in to another amazing breakfast as prepared by the super cook, Squizzy. With full bellies we were in to our morning brief, held in the caf�, which when full, doubles as a sauna. News of our activities for the day were delivered in the usual upbeat style and humour we have become accustomed to and enjoy listening to, regardless of how tired we may be – Where do these guys find all their energy?As we had remained at anchor overnight just off the amazing beach of Goldsmith Island, first up for the day we would be heading ashore to hopefully catch some good weather and have a swim and snorkel. With the slightest part of blue sky peeking through the clouds, we were transported via our chauffeured inflatable. Expelling what energy we could muster up during our swim and snorkel, back to the Young Endeavour it was where, once freshened up, we were met with yet another brief, this one with even more flair and spirit than the usual. The Staff coming out in their loudest of shirts, blondest of wigs and reddest shades of lipstick, they were going on a summer holiday. It was time to hand over the ship to the Youth Crew to ply what we had been learning up to that point.1300 saw our list of 22 tasks handed over, ranging from what we could probably call the necessary – sailing a course, to the fun which included a boat to land on the coast and claim it for the Youth of Australia. After hours of plotting a course and planning out tasks as we could, we set off at 1830 in to the night. After getting great help from all Youth Crew on deck and the Youth Command team, we successfully sailed and navigated away from Goldsmith Island avoiding all land and obstacles, always a bonus when sailing, and carried on through the night toward our nominated way points.Youth Captain Brennan 


20°30's / 149°12'e


2200 at sea - Weather overcast squalls and showers, Wind SE 25 knots, Swell SE 1.5 metres, Temperature 23 degreees, Barometer 1015 hpa